Saturday, 16 January 2010

Will people let the establishment reshape the truth yet again?

Piece by piece, the Left-wing political esta­b­lish­ment is being forced to own up to the catastrophic social problems caused by the uncontrolled immigration into this country over the last 50 years (and perhaps more specifically that of the last 10 years). Their usual attempts to stifle public debate by throwing around accusations that sceptics of immigration are hate filled bigots who wish to “play the race card” are unravelling in the face of undeniable reality.

In the last 12 months, ministers from both the Labour and Conservative parties have been lining up to acknowledge the strain placed on public services and community cohesion which has been brought about by the unprecedented influx into Britain of millions of third world immigrants and members of the ever expanding EU.

Interestingly enough, it appears to be unravelling much faster since the successful election of two British National Party candidates to the European Union and the “quiet revolution” the party has been achieving in various parts of the country. In those areas, it has not been uncommon for the British National Party to beat the establishment parties into 2nd or 3rd place – something which would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

For example, despite the Labour Party vigorously denying there was any connection between immigration and housing shortages throughout their time in office, we now see ministers falling over themselves to state that there are serious pressures on social housing caused by immigration in combination with an incompetent housing strategy, problems with school places, hospital treatments, and the job marketplace. That they would come out and admit these simple self evident truths would have been hard to believe even three years ago.

But it is not just the political parties who are suddenly starting to see the light on certain problems we have imported. Even the politically correct BBC has started to be a bit braver in what it decides to give coverage to. For example, the BBC has actually given major coverage to the problem of things like electoral fraud – in one case specifically citing postal ballot irregularities in Birmingham. This issue is something that British Nationalists have known for a long time – but were branded scaremongers and liars for even suggesting it was going on.

It must be noted though, that although the BBC did highlight the issue, it stereotypically failed to highlight that this is a problem almost exclusively asso­ciated with communities hailing from the Indian sub-continent. However, that is the British media for you – they obfuscate the things they find uncomfortable or explosive to deal with by simply not telling people the whole story.

Gradually, things have started to fall apart for the liberal elite and its head in the cloud thinking. It has been both amusing and interesting to see how they can try and evade the truth or try and twist the focus of the issues into being something less troublesome. Whether it be manipulating statistics to show a correlation with a percieved leftwing notion, or the Wootton Basset Choudary incident being transformed from one being about the fundamental foundations of our civilisation and what we have in store for the future into being one about Choudary's welfare cheque, it is interesting to see how they can sideline the real issues whilst still managing to "report" on the topical items of the day.

The tragic murder of PC Sharon Beshen­ivsky was an interesting case point when observing the liberal establishment and its contortions. In this example, the nature and the backgrounds of the perpetrators made it almost impossible not to confront and admit the reality. Previous to her murder, they would have gone to any lengths to hide the central role played by immigrants from backward, uncivil­ised and unstable countries in the explosion of gang crime in Britain. Some continue to try and hide it or deny it, brushing away cases and documents as inconveniences and staying firmly parrot fashion from the usual liberal crib sheet.

When this poor woman was murdered by failed asylum seekers (who therefore should have already been deported), I think some were forced to admit that there is (in truth) a problem with immigration in general and what they have allowed to happen in our society. In doing so, they have inadvertently proved once again that British Nationalists have been right to link an increase in violent crime here to immigration from notoriously crime ridden countries - and that they have been right to challenge both the complete lack of criminal background checks on people obtaining citizenship here, and the totally ineffectual deportation of failed asylum seekers.

It took this poor woman’s murder (an inescapable set of circumstances which they could not explain way easily) to even get that much of an admission though. If it hadn’t have happened, I am quite sure ministers and the police would still be informing the public that there is no link whatsoever between immigration and higher violent crime rates – and of course suggesting such a thing would be “racist” and “myths” which are “peddled” by the British National Party.

However, a Metropolitan Police report finally confirmed that illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers from the world’s trouble spots are causing mayhem on our streets. Brutalised young men from war-torn countries such as Somalia, Angola and Kosovo are not only causing this huge problem for our society but also leading British youths (primarily of ethnic minority status) into murderous copycat behaviour as they compete and confront these more brutal gangs and try and assert their territory.

The tragically funny part of this for me, was wondering how they could possibly turn this nightmare event into yet another liberalist cause or explanation. As usual, they did not fail to come up with the goods. Yes, it seems these poor legal and illegal immigrants, these failed asylum seeking criminals with their blatant disregard for people’s lives and properties are “suffering” and need to be understood and helped.

The Scotland Yard report said: “There is an indication from both police intelligence and the voluntary sector that there is an increase in young people with significant post-traumatic stress resulting from witnessing and being involved in significant violent situations prior to arrival in the UK. These people appear to have a disproportionate negative impact on their peer groups.”

Well, the poor little darlings. Now don’t tell me, a heavy dose of liberalism and “empowerment” strategies will sort them out. Sigh. Excuse me if I fail to have any sympathy whatsoever and call for their immediate deportation instead for failing to respect our generosity and expectations of what should qualify as behaviour that is fitting of and beneficial to our society.

After such a tragic event - an event that was directly caused by the governments own lax attitude to immigration and removing failed asylum seekers - you would think the Home Office would finally have begun to compile and publish statistics on crime carried out by foreigners and issue policies to combat this trend? You would of course be mistaken to think this. Many groups would be interested in finding out the direct impact immigration has had on such crimes, but the figures are not compiled (in my view on purpose) and those who wish to investigate and expose this problem still have to rely on anecdotal evidence. I doubt this state of affairs is accidental, considering the wealth of other information the government collect.

When the Home Office became embroiled in a scandal over its failure to deport foreign prisoners who had served their terms, it was forced to admit that up to one in seven of all inmates of British jails were foreigners – about 12,000 people in total. The information that was previously being concealed was starting to leak out of other holes. Piece by piece little revelations started to appear if somebody was to look hard enough and then put the contexts together.

The government is still unwilling to confront awkward facts which expose its happy-clappy multiculturalism and multiracialism as an utterly failed ideology, but with the rise of societal breakdown and a rise in support for the British National Party they are starting to make noises which try and imply that they “understand” the voters and their concerns, whilst at the same time trying to shift the focus away from the more deeper causes of these problems being part of our country now, when they were not previously so.

They are trying to cut off the monopoly of truth which is put across by the British Nationalists by making statements to try and allay fears, “reconnect” with voters and couch the arguments into their leftwing agenda. John Cruddas has been doing this tactic for years in his attempts to stop the leakage of votes from Labour to the BNP in his constituency, and the latest attempts by John Denham to turn the issue from race and immigration into being a matter of “class” is another.

It is high time the do-gooding political establishment, which remains obsessed with our supposed obligations to the citizens of other countries, stood up for the citizens of Britain and pulled up the drawbridge against the criminal invaders once and for all. It is about time they reduced and reversed immigration which lay at the fundamentals of so many problems we face today. It is about time they were more honest about the nightmare that awaits us all if this madness is not stopped and reversed.

However, despite all their political posturing to try and put humpty dumpty back together again, “redefine” what “Britishness” is as “common values”; and despite their half hearted “honesty” to appease voter concerns in the run up to major elections, we should all know by now that neither Labour nor the Conservatives will do the necessary tasks that have to be done.

Only the British National Party will have the will and the dedication to alter the course of our future society. Only they have the integrity, the unabashed patriotism, the care and well being of society in mind to undertake quite a stark change in the way the country operates. We believe in our country, we believe in our people, we believe in preserving our country and our indigenous people. We believe in its security, well being and safety. We believe in advancing our society and not dragging it downwards into the pits that accompany the liberalist chaos and degeneracy.

The other parties do not care for the populous or its makeup, nor have they the political or ideological convictions to make anything actually happen. The British National Party will get things done, and it is way past time something was done about the way Britain is going. Are you really going to be hoodwinked again by the tweedle dee and tweedle dumb duo parties? Or are you going to vote for a real change?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Anjem Choudary Debacle (Part 2 of 2)

Whose values would they be then?

In the previous installment of this article, I thought I would discuss an alternative view about the Anjem Choudary situation and play devil's advocate against the general consensus that seems to be in the public domain. In part two of this article I will try and explain why the easily identifiable Islamic extremists like Anjem Choudary and his followers are perhaps not the things to be focussing all our efforts or sights upon.

When put in the wider context of what is taking place in our country and against our country, it is arguable that Choudary and his current antics are the wrong focus point. Why? Because I am sorry to say "demographics is destiny" and also that it’s the government and the EU who should be challenged, not merely a manifestation of the problem which they have allowed to develop within our country.

It seems to me that there is little point us writing laws and saying this or that shouldn’t happen (with people like this, or different situations in the future) when we are no longer going to be a majority in this country to uphold the society and the values of the white indigenous people that we recognise as being our recent and well rooted history - well, before liberalism and ultra egalitarianism reared their ever pervasive heads and put their clutches into all aspects of our society.

Legislation, paper rules, perceived "cultural values" of the "here and now" are worthless in a future democracy and ever changing society when we have vast numbers of people here who are not indigenous and have no historic bond to the values or concepts that we used to hold and cherish (and have fought for to the death for).

This is even starting to happen with our own indigenous youth who are flailing around blindly detached from the old normalities of what this country used to uphold. Specifically with Muslims though, they can legitimately use our democratic system to supersede democracy with a theocracy if they choose, and plant us all into further dhimmitude. That is the absurdity of the situation. However, Muslims, Islam and Chourdary etc are not the sole issue for me, but of course, they are absolutely part of it.

It is futile for us to merely say "do as the Romans do" and make believe we can put humpty dumpty back together again and recreate Britain as it once was, with us indigenous Britons making the decisions. It is already far, far, far too late for that now.

If it was still the mid 1960s and the door was closed to a mere trickle, it may have been feasible to repatriate many immigrants when the jobs dried up (for example as the jobs did in the northern mill towns), and it may have been possible to spread out and assimilate the remainder into our society - to a point in the very long distant future where they would have become indistinguishable in every way to ourselves.

This obviously would be the ideal, but this is not what has happened and it is foolish to make believe it still can happen.

We are no longer in a position to absorb them and remain intact racially and culturally, they are in fact going to be absorbing us racially (with mass immigration, higher birth rates and via mixed races featuring indigenous peoples who are currently the largest ethnic group in the United Kingdom) whilst generally and gradually supplanting our concepts, norms and traditional values (concepts and structures that were uniquely founded and established by white European civilisation); with what would be at best a hodgepodge bastardisation of it under an overall EU framework.

London was recently found to be 13% Muslim and has more mosques than any other city in the world (apart from Istanbul). We are due to be the Islamic Banking hub of the west at the behest of Gordon Brown and we already have a two tier law system with Sharia implementation. Only demographics could command such a feat to happen to this country, and the dual systems have had to be brought in because it would be utterly impossible for the government to ensure it wasn't taking place anyway in society. The government have had no choice but to try and bring Sharia Courts under the wing of the government structure because they dare not let an entirely rogue system of law operate loosely throughout the country with zero checks taking place.

Only demographics and a quiet desire by Muslims to see aspects of Sharia established to various degrees in this country has made this situation possible in the first place. To even suggest 30 years ago that such a thing could ever happen would be shouted down as being absurd or "scaremongering" - just like what happened to Enoch Powell when he forecast the exact types of trouble we find ourselves in today. He was right about racial rioting that would happen, he was right about the effects of "race laws" on the indigenous people, he was right about the EU and how it would come to be established, he was right about observing the situation in India with its bloodshed in forming Pakistan as an Islamic country and how such a situation could one day be replicated here. Of course, he was also right about the unprecedented racial transformation of our country by the end of the last century.

It has recently been established in the media (for example) that less than half of Bristol’s inner city school intake is from "White British" backgrounds. In Bradford in 2007, only 53% of schoolchildren were of "White British" background. In Manchester and Blackburn in 2007, less than half of children are from "White British Background". Trust me; a similar list goes on, and on. The age structure in demographic trends is very important. It will expedite the change to our society that currently has the illusion of being mostly “white indigenous” at the present time because of a very large percentage of the baby boomers and older generations. Yet for those people who live in heavily "enriched" cities and towns, if they look around I am sure they will find that most of the indigenous people are over 45 and most of the ethnic minorities under the age of 25.

We should remember that in 2005, a whopping 1 in 3 babies in England and Wales were "non white British" born to parents who were themselves not born in this country. This is evidence of the sheer speed and volume of immigration that we have witnessed in the last few decades. This news was reported in a few national mainstream media newspapers, one of which quickly "re-wrote" the article and the headline to be less inflammatory. I presume this may have been because some were Eastern Europeans and therefore not strictly correct to say "non white". But the percentage of Eastern Europeans was not actually all that large, and despite being "white" they are not really directly comparable to indigenous British people when they have arrived in such vast quantities in such a short period time.

To further offset this slither of the more easily assimilable "European" proportion, an important factor about the statistics is that the figures did not include the “non white” birth factor by parents who are second, third, or even fourth generation “ethnic minorities” which have been here since the “Windrush” era of 1948.

Given the official higher birth rate attributed to these “settled” ethnic minorities, it is not unrealistic to truly say that 1 in 3 babies born in 2005 were non white, perhaps even higher. I also doubt the figures include illegal immigrants. Regardless of breakdown, surely the population churn taking place is immense. It is immense, and it is totally unprecedented in our entire island history.

Just like with the "settled" ethnic minorities though, the highest birth rates amongst those parents who were not originally from this country were found to be Muslims (of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origins for example), and Somali’s - who are often Muslim also, but not exclusively. It was also relatively recent news in 2009 that Muslims are advancing in numbers at a rate of TEN times the rest of society, and this is of course part of it.

To take the Somali’s as an example in isolation for a moment, in Bristol as of July 2009 they alone now account for 4% of children in primary education intake. 4% may not sound a lot, but it needs to be put into the context that less than half the intake of pupils in Bristol’s inner city schools are from “white British” descent already - and that the number of Somali children in the schools has risen from a ratio of 1 in 800 in 2005 to 1 in 25 (yes, 1 in 25!) in 2009. That is quite a jump by anyone’s standards, and given the birth rates of that ethnic grouping (as an average) it is not a phenomenon which is exactly going to decline either.

The plain fact is, we are due to be racial/ethnic minorities in all our major cities in less than 25 years - with some like Birmingham and Leicester in as little as 2 years time (if they are not in fact already that status on the quiet, as figures are wildly inaccurate and do not even begin to account for illegal immigration). This is the reality of the situation as it stands now, even if we shut the door tomorrow - never mind more arriving (which they are) or it being based upon some “arguable” future projections based on further volumes coming into the country in the future.

Regarding published projections which do presently only exist as a theory, immigrants would put the population of this country well over the 75 Million mark in the not too distant future, accounting for something like 75% of future population growth. It is sheer insanity, yet the current Home Secretary Alan Johnson “doesn’t lose any sleep over it” - apart from when votes are going to the British National Party – at which point he feigns an interest for a short while in an attempt to lull the sheep back to the fold.

It is an absolute travesty and an actual ethnocide that is taking place, and in the meantime we are being shafted up the backside to pay for it and told we are actually supposed to "celebrate" what is effectively our peoples' complete demise from this country - and eventually the demise of "white" people from planet Earth - seeing as all Occidental nations are in the same kind of suicidal predicaments to various degrees and we collectively only make up around 9% of the world demographic. Our current bone of discontent in this country is Anjem Choudary – but let us remember that the French, the Danish, the Swiss, the Germans etc are all having their equivalent upset and turmoil.

Islam is but one factor of this process in Britain and wider Europe, and it is my view that it is unrealistic to uphold our traditional national identities and values when the entire population of a nation (and continent) are being replaced by a very quick succession of other races and cultures from every single other nation on Earth.

It wasn’t even a mistake; it has all been deliberately engineered to happen.

The writing is already on the wall, so to focus so hard on a little group like "Islam4Uk" making a few noises is like pissing in the proverbial wind to me. In reality, I think we have a much more serious fish to be frying and some very difficult decisions to make if we intend to survive and be masters of our own indigenous people’s destiny in the future. Time is not on our side.

In the not too distant future, we will have increasingly less say, less homogeneity amongst ourselves to shape our own country, we will have more chaos and degeneracy that’s already manifesting itself in “enriched” inner cities, less rights to bring about change in an EU “post democratic” governance - and we shouldn’t be too shocked when our whole existence gets turned on its head at some point in the future.

Lord Carey, the former Arch Bishop, recently said he “feared for his grandchildren” in regards to where this country may head. Welcome to the club Carey, only you’re not very convincing and seem more disturbed about 1million people casting votes for the British National Party than anything else – hmmn, is there an election in the air by any chance?

This enveloping situation is a very hard thing to have to come to terms with. It isn’t nice to think about the country or different people living here in this way, even though it certainly isn’t about “hating” any other races or cultures or having any perceived “prejudices” or “misunderstandings” of specific individuals in society on a one to one basis - but by God I find it so wrong that we can be wiped away like this in our own homelands without even the ability or dignity to speak out against it, and in the meantime we are to see our future generations dwindle and perish under an increasingly lawless and potentially ever more Islamified or dhimmitudinal society.

This will be a society which these poor souls will know no different to; as they will inevitably have become a product of their surroundings in their formative years - whatever form or stage the underlying process of decay is at during their time. Just like how it is now their "norm" to be the ethnic minorities in most inner city schools, when such an idea would have once been laughable.

On top of this, we of course have the spectre of the "EUSSR", the slow emergence of global governance, the slow eradication of rights and liberties for us all, a slide in our status as a first world country and what seems to be sheer insanity out there wherever you choose to look. The country is going crazy, like it is mentally ill.

Overall, what’s taking place is surely rather evil and certainly sinister, and I am fully prepared to be labelled "racist" and "Islamophobic" (or whatever else is thrown at me) to take a stand against it. Currently, I do this by supporting the sensible ethno-Nationalism stance that is manifest in the British National party. I just hope this current vehicle for it can survive the glut of new supporters (who are often of the more flag waving variety) without slipping into being yet another "civic" nationalist orientated party in the future – especially due to the forced change of membership rules etc and all the facets which that aspect is likely to bring to the table later down the line.

Already, it is grating on me to hear fellow ‘Nationalists’ speak of it being acceptable for international immigration into this country to continue to happen (to some degree or another) as long as they pay taxes, support themselves and "follow our rules", that there is not a principled problem with excessive mixed race relationships, for “ethnic minorities” who are already here (and the inevitable expanding Muslim demographics) to be wholly accepted as long as they “do as the Romans do” and can wave a Union Flag sufficiently well enough on the waysides of Wootton Basset (for example) - well, until the point comes where they can be calling the shots and acting in their own wider collective interests, possibly humouring us with our little foibles if we show sufficient respect and servitude.

Of course, we have to make the best of the situation we have now been presented with and we should all now realise that we can never be exactly as we were as a nation before 1948, but if the ideological boundaries of our defence slip any further backwards in the clamour for perceived “acceptability” at all costs, or because some people find some aspects of the ideology uncomfortable to live with (or full of those who lack the ability to defend ethno Nationalism) we may all as well pack up now and hold our own peoples' symbolic ‘wake’ down the streets of Wootton Basset, never mind Choudary.

I for one couldn’t care less whether Anjem Choudary (or his successors in the long term future) achieve the establishment of the flag of Islam flying over Downing Street if there are no longer any sufficient remnants of my own people left who would be subject to his kinds of wishes, i.e. being submitted to the doctrine of Islam by either choice or by force, being persecuted as a racial or religious minority - or even failing that bleakest scenario, living as serfs in a second rate country under a further modified and enlarged EU super state.

Is it hard-nosed to say that I wouldn’t care what happens in these nightmarish (perhaps farfetched) scenarios under those specific demographic circumstances? Of course it is, but in this world we really need to start being much more hard-nosed if we intend to collectively survive and pass ourselves and our country down to our descendants in the future. We are the last guard now. It is up to us.

Now then, where were we? Ah yes, a small band of perhaps 150 vociferous Islamics grabbing a few media headlines with publicity stunts.....but how can we best use these types of stunts to further our own ends and tackle the overall nightmare we face? I can only leave that for others to decide and hope for the best.

The stance of the British National Party to put forth its elected representatives to make a symbolic stand and show their support for the sentiments of the wider populous is a good way to start. But what might happen in this specific case or in a similar situation in the future is anybody's guess.

Usually, nothing much happens at all. This may be just another one of those situations. However, on the other hand it might be the start of something much larger than I give it credit for. Time will tell.