Saturday, 27 February 2010

English Defence Leagues and Civic Nationalism

I placed this on a comments section on another site, so apologies for repeating it. However, perhaps for my own use at a further date, I thought I may as well add it to the blog.

The original article and comments  to which I was responding was essentially one suggesting that the EDL were a good thing and worthy of a degree of support. However, being the grumpy stick-in-the-mud that I am, I couldn't help but pose another side to the argument, for I am not in defence of the EDL.

I admit that I have not poured over their websites recently, but I have debated with a few on forums and in chat rooms, I have read material of theirs and material about them in international and national news (often not mainstream, as I do not trust those, but more independent outlets instead). I have not liked much of what I have seen.

I have also not really enjoyed coverage of them on TV news, you tube, etc regarding their style and their methods. I was also keeping an eye on them when they "shot up out of the ground" out of nowhere into being quite an organised collaboration - something which I personally found highly suspicious at the time, and still do.

Anyway, from what I have gathered about their stances, the EDLs initially stated aims and directives do not even make sense to me. They claim to be only against "Islamic Extremism", and  (essentially) that they are okay with Muslims if they "do as we do" and don't "change" our society in the future - which is a complete nonsensical argument given our demographic predicament.

For them to say (and I have heard them and their supporters say this often) that they do not have a problem with "normal Muslims who are law abiding" etc shows a huge ignorance of what Islam actually is, how societies work and evolve, and what we have already set in store for in the future.