Saturday, 13 March 2010

Crossed wires are causing undue sparks.....


Perhaps I will at least be able to get a word in edgeways on my own blog, so this offering is a means of expressing myself in a place where I will not be "set upon" by immature people as they throw their toys out of the pram, fly off the handle and generally go into some manic, far fetched, hysteria ladened, ad hominem vitriol because I dare to pose some alternative views.

Seeing as I do not currently feel able to approach a rational debate in a certain location any more without the said individual(s) going overboard, I guess I will have to stake my right of reply here instead (whether they see it or not) just for my own peace of mind. I have twice been verbally attacked in a matter of weeks, the first time I let it go and did not involve myself with the squabbling that followed it, but now that it has happened for the second time I can not just let the matter slide without having my say.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Whats in a name? Perhaps some confusion, even on my part.

There is a question which keeps being put to me regarding different definitions of nationalism, and once again, just yesterday, I found a discussion about it.

Although I have been around a fair while thinking about a lot of different things in Nationalist principles, over the last two years or so I think I have suffered a bit of burnout and have lacked the patience and dedication to go digging into things deeply to confirm or deny my own feelings. So, without diving around any great ideological archives or even breezing though the lazy man's definitions (Wikipedia) I thought I would offer my own thoughts and feelings on two different labels that float about the scene.

Those names or labels are Racial Nationalism and Ethno-Nationalism.

On the question that was posed the other day, it was suggesting that the two things were not the same, that the former should be removed from our associations because it was an advocacy of a Pan-European'ist and imperialist strand of thought that desired to create a kind of "collective" transnational European unification of European peoples.

On the other hand, ethno-nationalism was seen to be the better choice, and I felt the question was framed along the lines that we should not look outside of our own situation here in Britain, not care about other people's and their countries (in Europe) - and that if one was to do those things, they are therefore falling into this "Pan European'ist" categorisation and should be {kind of} rejected or disassociated with.

However, I do not believe that the issues and the different labels are clear cut. I think there is another layer to these definitions which can overlap, because nothing is ever one or two dimensional, everything on this earth is three dimensional and multi-faceted.