Monday, 29 March 2010

You've Gurkha Be Kidding Me, Joanna

Absolutely Fabulous Clueless

Well, well. Once again I probably have a pretty controversial view on something, but no surprise there I suppose, seeing as I have a habit of ruffling people's feathers.

I do not often involve myself in the kind of "topical" tittle-tattle of the day, but what is the point of having a blog if one cannot have a little vent and a poke around from time time? 

I first heard the story about the apology to Joanna Lumley on the BBC Radio news bulletin this afternoon and it still seems to be a major player in the Google News front page, so I thought I would add my two penneth.

It seems, from a fleeting glance at most newspapers and media commentators (which I have seen online this evening) that some MP (Kevan Jones) has felt the pressure to "apologise" to Joanna Lumley for expressing harsh criticism of her Gurkha campaign and the effects it has had since the furore she caused died down.

Firstly, I find this quite bizarre. Am I hearing correctly? An MP, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown himself, have had to apologise for criticising an actress? The whole premise of that is truly tragic in itself, but this absurdity is only the start. My impression so far is that there has been pressure mounted to try and "embarrass" the minister (and the government) over a sensitive issue, and once again begin preying on peoples emotions in precedence over what is actual reality and what is perhaps entirely justified to be said or suggested.