Friday, 7 May 2010

Election Musings

I think we have had a bit of a drubbing today (from what I have seen, councillor wise) even though there have actually been quite a few positive things to spin. I think it was the high expectations towards the end which made us forget ourselves for a moment and just led us to wish for the best to come true.

I was quite pessimistic well before the elections and warned often enough in the last 6 months that people were getting far too carried away (delusional, in my view) and that we would be lucky to keep the seats we have and the kind of support we got at the EU elections - especially seeing as it is a different election method.

I think people focussing on ballot papers which were not there, or people being locked out of polling stations etc is for the most part just misguided sour grapes, because it still would not have delivered us any significant breakthrough in my opinion. Let us, for once, try and keep it real for a change because we need to pick up the pieces. Fooling ourselves and having Nationalist blogs and message boards blustering with scathing rhetoric is not going to change anything and nor will it solve the problems we have had.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Manning a BNP table top stall

I took part in manning a table-top stall over the weekend, for the British National Party. Well, to be honest I was only there for perhaps an hour and a quarter because I had to get some stuff done and had a suit to look for because I will be attending a wedding in the next week or so.

It was my first time being on the streets on a table top stall, as I have tended to keep my distance to some degree from the front line - often due to my timid nature more than anything else. I was a bit apprehensive, not sure what to expect, whether we would be getting abuse or praise, whether there would be any adverse publicity or such which would put a dampener on the morning.

When I arrived, the stall had already been up and running for about an hour. Decorated in traditional British National Party attire it was instantly recognisable. Voice Of Freedoms and various nationwide and local election material adorned the table top over the national flags, and rosetted prospective candidates were at hand to deal with the public's (at times) mixed reactions and questions.