Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Scottish Sun & Irn-Bru call on Scots to "breed with Brazilians".


I do not usually do "contemporary" news articles, but this one really got up my nose earlier. Not only are they advocating and promoting the destruction of Scottish genes as a bit of "fun", but they are insulting indigenous Scottish people too.

What have they done it for? Well, I have my own deeper views on the media pumping this crap out for a reason - but to take them at their word for it, it is supposedly to boost Scotland's football chances. 

Friday, 4 June 2010

General thoughts on demographics and immigration. Part 3

(Part 3)
I think there is a perfectly reasonable objection to processes being unleashed by government policies (oriented to either liberalism, or oriented to labour market needs, rectifying deficiencies in the age structure, or any other reason) which, without saying so, have the inevitable consequence of radically changing the composition of the population, in respect of its ancestral origins and languages, its religion, its assumptions, its attitudes towards family and values of every kind.

It is not that the immigrants' values and attitudes are necessarily “all bad”, but they are often different from those of the majority population and they may be in conflict with the norms and legal expectations that have been built up in societies over centuries. This is already seen to be the case with Sharia courts being in operation.

Projections have already been made by eight or so European countries (for which official statistics are available) and all of them suggest that by mid-century between 20 and 30 percent of the population of those countries will be of immigrant origin, by which they mean persons who were either born abroad of foreign origin, or were born in the country in which they're residing in Europe with one or two foreign parents.

General thoughts on demographics and immigration. Part 2

What is going to be interesting is how the non-Nationalist parties are going to hide or obfuscate how demographics of the world are going to obliterate everything we cherish, and how they will sideline what the driving factors of policy changes are on issues like immigration, food and fuel prices, climate change, and how they will begin explaining increased political instability, deal with poor social cohesion (at home and in wider Europe), and how they will deal with/explain away our drop in ‘world power’ when pushed around from outside.

Just quickly, immigration – We haven’t seen anything yet. We can be expecting the 2.5billion third world population boom (who will be desperately poor, underemployed and increasingly driven to extreme measures) to arrive on Europe’s doorstep.

They will continue to arrive on ramshackle boats, on lorries, by walking through deserts, even swimming from place to place till they reach Europe, and I foresee in the future vast ‘armies’ of people storming the borders in such numbers that governments of the European countries (especially those which directly border the third world) will not be able to deal with it even if they had any inclination or desire to try and do so – which ideologically speaking they don’t.

General thoughts on demographics and immigration. Part 1


In my previous article, I tried to demonstrate the scale of absurdity which has taken place in Britain since the Second World War, and the conjoined absurdity of its ideological continuation through a total ‘leftwing’ bastardisation of our Island history, bastardisation of who we are, and a bastardisation of where we should be heading in the future.

Demographics, again, holds the ultimate key to where we are heading. Without tackling demographic trends and demographic issues, all other policies and ideas Nationalists have for a better society are pretty much a complete waste of time.

In addition, you can call me stubborn (or selfish) when I state that I have personally come to care little about many aspects of the future (such as peak oil, famine, totalitarian rule under either Islam or the NWO or both) if there are no longer any remnants of my own racial group, own society, own cultures, own country ‘as we know it’ in the future.

I see little reason why Nationalists should break their balls trying to build a better country and take a stand against various forms of tyranny if we are simply going to evaporate and let others inherit it all (then ultimately destroy it again, as usual). 

That I loathe the idea of being taken advantage of in this way is another reason why I feel demographics is an important part of the picture in what I personally believe should be the ideological order of priorities.

After all, it is ridiculous to have a policy of “no more mosques” for example if 30%+ of the country is going to be Muslim. It is obvious to any right thinking person that it is the demographics which have to be curbed first (and somewhat reversed or marginalised) to even remotely think of us being able to uphold such a policy.

In the last article, I demonstrated that: 

  • In 1957 there were approximately 140,000 non-indigenous (‘BME’) people resident in Britain.
  • That in a matter of just 70 years from then – which is approximately one persons average lifespan – we indigenous British people are already being made minorities in three of our major cities.
  • That in 2005, 1 in 3 babies born in England and Wales were non-white British from mothers who themselves were born overseas, where despite some Eastern Europeans being in the figures, second and third generation non-white children of immigrant stock were NOT included in the figures.
  • That on current projections (which are quite accurate as they are quite short to mid-term as far as extrapolation goes) the people of “non-white” immigrant descent will start to become a general majority status across most parts of Britain by around 2050 – even if we shut the door to immigration and welded it tight tomorrow.

All of the above is what we currently have in store as we stand now, internally as a nation.