Friday, 18 June 2010

Downward spiral, bitterness and resentment.

British Activism heads for work

I have not blogged a new piece for quite a while, so I thought I had better pull my finger out and put up a new entry.

The reason for being a bit dry lately on the olde typing front is that - no surprise - I have been a bit down in the dumps and have had little to really write about.

There has been a whole heap of semi-conscious stuff going around my mind, you know, until it becomes like a "pea souper" where before you can be clear on one thing another thing tails on the end and takes over to create yet even more unsolved chaos.

Some of it really quite hard to describe, so I may have a more vigorous attempt at that another time, but for a quick example of this weeks thoughts I will try and just stick to the ordinary matters which are going on around here and in my life rather than delve deep into theories and various ideologies, philosophies and assorted 'ism's'.

The thoughts lately include:

  • My own bitterness and resentment which I cannot shake off. 
  • A sense of belonging, or rather, a lack of it. 
  • What games are afoot in regards to the 'establishment' trying to put the humpty dumpty situation of this country back together again. 
  • Traffic and congestion. 
  • Religious schools.
  • My own life and what may be in store.
I could really write extensively on all of these things, but I will try and not 'bang on' endlessly.

The first one is probably the most poignant thing on my mind this week and it is something which comes to me in cycles, especially when I see and hear about certain things taking place from friends and acquaintances. It is even more the case when those things are combined with witnessing other situations taking place in general  - with the demographic trends and society in the town.

I will just pick a few from the list for this piece.