Friday, 25 June 2010

Well, who'd have thunk it?

I am greeted today with the not so shocking news that the Conservative-Liberals are starting to flake out on their election wheeze/promises of being 'tough' on immigration.

Having been around long enough to take a plot line through the history of both Labour and Conservatives (and the same old rhetoric and sleight of hand they engage with on this matter), I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before edges were tinkered with, boundaries moved, involvement with "external bodies" to "advise" them on the immigration issue would start.

I wish I had kept a record for the last 15 years of all the announcements and policy plans from various home secretaries, immigration ministers, opposition MP's to such positions, prime ministers, etc (for both Labour and Conservatives). I did collect a few about 10 years ago from the various newspaper archives on line, but sadly I do not have them any more.

It would probably be a long list now. Comments made by William Hague and Michael Howard for the Conservatives - especially when they campaigning against Anthony Blair - and with Labour, many have had their fingers in the immigration/media pie. To name but a few: Jack Straw, David Blunkett, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Charles Clarke, Tony McNulty, Liam Byrne, Phil Woolas, Alan Johnson.........

.....Is your head spinning at the sheer amount of people they have switched around?

Mine has been spinning like Alastair Campbell on steroids, but more often than not, I was more akin to the character in "The Omen" - not being possessed by the devil, but by the compelling desire to top myself over their unbelievably sinister actions - and partaking in some projectile vomiting (around a full 360 degrees) due to what they were doing to this country at every stage.

It seems the old phrase "A change is as good as a rest" was Labour's motto when it came to ever 'sorting out' immigration. If they changed the speakers and the ministers enough, a perpetual cycle of conning the public could be engaged in. At every turn, the newly appointed ministers were 'really going to crack down' on this or that.

Often,the complete opposite happened. It grew, and grew and grew. Even in the case of bogus work visas and bogus college students, their "legislation" to "limit" it taking place eventually tripled the volume of what was already in the papers as being scandalous volumes. 

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Leaflet Court Case

{I actually wrote this article yesterday night - and I knew I should have posted it up last night because the issue has already been around the Nationalist circuit of blogs today and now it feels a bit of a waste of time lol.  However, it was late, I needed to re-read it and so left it for today}.

Those nationalists amongst us who are from the Lancashire area will probably know all about the court case brought against Tony Bamber already (for his leaflets that highlighted the propensity of 'Muslims' to be behind the heroin trade in Lancashire and in wider Britain).

Well, despite some fanfare in the local news bulletins about it the other week - where they crowed about how a "BNP activist" was in court for incitement to religious hatred - the news of him being cleared has been deafening by its silence, or so short in the coverage that I have missed it this evening.

What else should we expect from the BBC though? They are hardly likely to celebrate the news or bring it to public attention - they would much rather leave it in the airwaves that he was brought to court for it, and therefore have him left automatically guilty in people's subconscious minds. If it was mentioned, I can only presume the tone of the news would be thinly veiled disgust and it framed to be a total miscarriage of justice.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Day Off

Well, after this weeks thought processes, I thought I would take the day off today and escape for a while.  What a tonic it has been too. I have had a lovely day out in the middle of nowhere in a caravan, saw some family members and took nephews for a walk (and to the park).

The weather helped, lovely and sunny but not unbearably hot. Whilst driving to the location I saw a slice of old England, the way it should have remained - helped along by some stereotypical little backwater villages probably comprising of under 100 houses, England flags everywhere (although yes, it is for the football, but I can pretend), people sailing on canals and chatting to dog walkers who were taking their children for an outing with their stabiliser clad bikes. There was a funfair event going on in one village I drove through and I stopped for a look, all of them were white, all of them having a marvellous time. It was all extremely relaxed and a very homely feel about it.

Really, I did not want today to end.  They had not a care in  the world it seemed, they are all far removed from the things which swirl around my mind and far removed from the scruffy foreign land I have had to come back to. They were ignorant, and as they say, ignorance is bliss.

I had a slice of their pie today, and it tasted good.  It is days like this which makes you realise what can be achieved again, and what England should still be like. The piece of pie is like a drug, and one which could prove to be very addictive - to run away, to pretend it is not happening, to perhaps know it is happening but to be untouched and untainted by it for at least a few decades.

Coming back home via a million pot-holes in the road, chavs on Bmx's, litter strewn around and plastic bags blowing though the air - and of course every third car being taxi and one in three people being Asian - it is surprising how a single day away from it all makes you realise all the more just what a dump this country is becoming.

Ah well, back to it.  Work tomorrow - somebody has to pay the taxes that will be used to destroy us......