Saturday, 3 July 2010

Immigration on Newsnight - June 2010.

Newsnight – Immigration Measures.

There was an interesting article the other day on the BBC’s flagship politics show “Newsnight”. Upto present, I have been very surprised that it has not been covered much on the usual Nationalist blogs.

Not only does the newsnight feature article have some disturbing figures about the percentage of white decline for the area the film was shot in, the numbers coming in to the country and an exposé of the paltry effect the proposed immigration cap would have - but it also, by its very nature, shows footage of what is becoming of Britain.

Those of you who are from outside of Britain and have never been here, take heed – the days of the quaint ‘white’ Britain with its picture postcard cities, red telephone boxes and whatever else the stereotype holds are dead and buried.

The “new Britain” (emerging faster and faster) is what is shown in the video clip, as are the type of people pushing it, such as the (in my own confined opinion) vile ultra-leftwing racist and colonisation advocate Diane Abbott MP (Labour). Listen carefully to her choice of words and how she couches the debate.

Lord Pearson does quite a decent job of exposing the EU on the matter of immigration policy proposals, whilst Damien Green slithers around between being hoisted by the EU petard and facing off the clearly smug and distorted cliché ramblings of Diane Abbott.

Now he (Damien Green) must know a little of what Nick Griffin and any other BNP members are subjected to, for she is effectively calling him and the proposed policies as being racist and “anti immigrant” – not anti-immigration. The difference is really quite important, and she clearly knows it.

All this for a cap that is not even going to work anyway. She must still be reeling from Andrew Neil's jugular thrust on the Politics Show last week.

It seems to me, that the Diane Abbotts of this world are revelling in the fact that Great Britain lay broken on the ground and that the “ethnic minorities” will soon sweep this nation and send us into the gutter.

I would propose that she be termed an anti-white racist and an advocate of ethnocide, that she be identified for hatred of white people for trying to proclaim that any form of immigration control (thus part of white people saving themselves, or at least gaining some time!) is racism.

Her policies and her attitude to debase the British people and eventually strip the white indigenous population of their homeland (which would one day lead to persecution of whites as a minority group) should be called up on, and she should be exposed for her sinister and sinful acts.

The main reason why I wanted to capture the clip was the interview with a man from Kenya.

He has lived here for a number of years and explains how we should have listened to Enoch Powell all those years ago – because, to paraphrase – “no nation has done ‘this’ {looking around} to itself, nobody”. He also says that Cameron should “shut the door” and say it is enough, and that he should look after “his people”.

Not too dissimilar from BNP policy then....... I wonder if Weyman Bennet and his travelling troupe of ass-clowns will be out to track this man down for giving us such a gem to work with...... See, even Kenyans think we are insane to have let this happen to us - and that Enoch Powell was right all along!