Sunday, 25 July 2010

Paper Trails

Given the daily dredge I take through the newspapers, it comes as no surprise that the liberal-left seek to take issue with what is reported in the media. 

If I can be bothered, or upon worthwhile request, I could try and dig out some links - but for now, take my word for it, they have aims and ambitions both in this country and in Europe to curtail certain ways of reporting the news. 

It is not just the NUJ who issue guidelines, but there are also a new glut of pressure groups and lobbyists who seek to effectively silence the media when it comes to "controversial" subjects. 

These people aim to try and alter peoples perceptions of what is taking place around them - by making it harder for reporters to inform us about things which the liberal-left would prefer not to be happening (because they shatter the nation's illusion that their liberal-left objectives are working). 

Given the sheer amount of material that can be frisked out of the pockets of the media if you look hard enough, it must make these organisations froth at the mouth at the "racism", the "hate" and the "bigotry". 

Already, I know of a few places on-line which direct venom at the Daily Mail and the Daily Express - and I have seen those annoying chain-mail messages (perhaps part of a campaign?) to poke fun at those papers, suggesting that according to the Mail, we should never go out, etc. 

The chain-mail purposefully missed the point though - as the Mail doesn't make it all up from fresh air - it is based on reports and studies, medical journals, whatever, and then slants it for its own readership. But it is easy to use such techniques to try and undermine peoples perceptions of a whole political slant.

Nobody seems to campaign against the Guardian though.....well, not to my knowledge.