Friday, 6 August 2010

Merging Schools

Like many Nationalists, I tuned into Newsnight on BBC2 last night to watch the piece they were doing on the new "Academy" for merging two schools together. See School Race Merger .

Once again, I was pretty shocked at just what can take place in this country without anybody's say so or desire. For a democracy, it is frightening how little say the population get on anything.

Essentially, Oldham (home of the 2001 race riots, along with Burnley) has two schools in a particular area. One is 90% Asian, and the other is 90% white. So, in a fit of meddlesome liberalism they take it upon themselves to set about closing the schools and "introducing" the pupils into a new school, mixed up together. None of the parents seemed to want it, on both sides of the divide - yet it still rolls ahead regardless and gives the parents absolutely no choice as the current schools are closing.

Without looking into it, I would hazard a guess that the "academy" will be a BSF project (Building Schools for the Future). If this is the case, it should be duly noted that this is a scam - a money making racket from which certain individuals/companies would be getting rich upon. They have been scrapped in the future by Gove in the new coalition government, but many are still set to go ahead (and I foresee whatever the Conservatives have in mind for their academies will be doing a similar thing).

The same has happened in Burnley and Nelson, where they have pulled down three or four perfectly good schools and made "super schools". Despite years of denial that this BSF scheme was about social engineering, bit by bit it has come to plain sight that this is exactly what it was about. We heard a lot about "better facilities" and so and and so forth around this area before they did it, and claimed that it was about "better education for the future" and only very partially about "integration".

So, it looks like it is the same in Oldham. Only there, they have had to be a bit more forthright about their aims and objectives. That is, to subdue and brainwash the indigenous children to accept their fate willingly. 

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Clash of Civilisations in Germany

Another example of nature taking its course in a German school. It was apparently broadcast on German mainstream TV last week, and kindly translated by "Unreinestier".  It is the same situation as us, but slightly different. We will end up the same way, if not already the case in some areas. 

The piece where the German girl, who was aged 17, and had been dating the Muslim youth for year or so, reminded me very much of the Channel 4 documentary "The Last White Kids" - especially when she described where she lived and "the way it was "where she was brought up, and how she had come to take up the culture and the faith. Very sad.

Similarly, the arguments about a very decadent and immoral "liberalist" western society and the allegedly pious and "superior" Islamic control of society ring true to this country too. Islam there, like here, is asserting itself and taking over society in terms of attitude. We Nationalists condemn both the "piss head" drunk excesses that now represent our society and also reject the Islamic takeover. Rampant liberalism has rendered us weak on both scores.

There seems to be no solution to this problem, no matter where it is in Europe. 

Other than some mutual agreement to part ways, which I cannot see as being likely, we are either going to have to stick it out and have our children suffer and suffer until we eventually dwindle and snuff ourselves out like a candle - or we are going to have to grasp those poisonous nettles which would have to be grasped to avert this situation. 

There is little, if any, middle ground. 

I really do not know how the so called "liberals" sleep at night.

Monday, 2 August 2010

All aboard the Merry Go Round

 "Around and around and around we goes, 
when it will stop, nobody knows".

Following on from the last post, this morning, I have taken my regular look through the papers........ here is a sample from just one day:


TOP Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s burka outburst could see “rivers of blood” on Britain’s streets.  The TV loudmouth caused outrage by claiming Muslim women wear G-strings under their burkas on last Sunday’s show.

And hate preacher Anjem Choudary warned Islamic fanatics will “go to war” to protect the honour of their women.
He declared: “Clarkson may think he was funny or was telling a joke when he said these things. But this is not funny to everyone. And by making fun or disrespecting the burka and Muslim women he has deeply offended many people. It is a grave offence to disrespect a Muslim woman. People have gone to war to protect the honour of Muslim women. And they will go to war again.

“Clarkson has stirred a hornets’ nest among young Islamic fundamentalists. He has fanned the flames of their cause. I believe that one day Britain, and indeed every part of the world, will be governed by and under the authority of the Muslims implementing Islamic Law. 

“And it will happen. It may come peacefully. But it may come through a holy war that will see rivers of blood on the streets. Clarkson has brought this day closer.

Clarkson, 50, confessed he gets distracted by women in burkas when driving, because he recently discovered what undies they wear. He claimed a woman in a burka “fell head over heels” in front of his taxi in London’s Piccadilly and revealed her “red G-string and stockings”.

British-born Choudary, 42, said Clarkson could be in danger unless he says sorry.

He said: “Clarkson’s comments may not have been directly against Islam but he has upset many people – and actions have consequences. He has angered many young believers of Islam and he may face repercussions. There are a growing number of young Islamic fundamentalists in this country and many are ready to cause violence to protect Islam.

I would urge Clarkson to make a full and public apology to those he has mistakenly offended. Otherwise his safety could be at risk.

People like Choudary have been made into cartoon characters by papers like the Star and the Sun. Whilst I do not particularly "fear" Choudary and his band of Koran juggling ass clowns, people need to realise that the ideology behind his message is not funny, and not to be made light of.  This is the attitude we are going to be faced with, whether people like it or not.

Too Much Information?

I have written recently about how we can use the media to stake a claim about what is happening to our country, and that despite the media already being somewhat controlled and sanitised, it is at risk of further pressure to keep its mouth closed when it comes to immigration, religion and race.

Also, just recently, I have finally decided to try and compile some news clips and documentary programmes into a long film - to just try and show that it really is relentless. I started recording the occasional broadcast a few years ago, but I stopped recording the news last year because, quite frankly, the sheer volume of information was getting too much already.  I was not even "dedicated" to it, I just occasionally switched on the TV card in my computer and captured random days events. 

Call me a hoarder, but I have also accrued thousands of newspaper articles which help chart our demise. I started to collect them in about 2006/2007 when I kept finding out that articles and such were "disappearing" from my "favourites" list in the browser.  "This article has been removed" or "Page cannot be found" was a common sight, so I thought from then on in I had to record the evidence for later use in online debates. 

However, as time passes, this sheer volume of information becomes a bit of a weight around the neck. What do we do with it all?.  Every day, there is more, and more, and more new news. The video compilation I aim to release shortly is the same - every day there are issues and items which in their own way, tell the tale that we are pretty shafted. 

Several years ago, I used to believe that the media were not telling us anything about our demise.......and, whilst that may be true in direct terms, I came to learn that in an "indirect" way they are actually charting it and it is there for all to see, should they choose to look and think about how it all fits together. 

This has got me thinking in recent years that perhaps we are suffering an overload of information in the endless news drive. We just cannot take it in any longer, people just skip over it, turn over the page like it is "non news" - almost as if it was endless articles about some inane celebrity and most people are just sick of seeing it and hearing about it, bored by the news and bored of the subject. 

It just absolutely relentless, and nothing ever happens about it. Nothing changes. There will be something else next week, the week after that, there will be figures for this amount of people or that amount of people arriving to this country, or figures about such and such millions of pounds spent stupidly to fund our own demise...... this is how it goes. 

The information is scattered everywhere. Figures come to mean very little when they are not collected in unison. The amounts of money being spent are never added together. All of these numbers are never easily able to be unified, because they might be to do with illegal immigration, asylum, ordinary immigration, student visa's, people leaving vs people arriving.......they money may be to do with policing costs, translation costs, costs to have people removed, welfare paid out, grants to charities, etc.  It is hard to read through the articles and come out with any definitive material that says "Right, this is how many we have, and this is what we spent". 

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Reality or Fantasy?

Is thee a'reet there Donald lad?!

In England, Scotland and Wales it seems we have moved into a rather bizarre post-multicultural mixture when it comes to state ideology. For decades we had suffered the disastrous deluge of “multiculturalism” (read: Multiracialism and Multi-Religiosity) and since the advent of riots in 2001 we have been upon the road of trying to put the Humpty Dumpty mess of our country back together again.

The discourse of the elite and the ‘left’ has recently been trapped somewhere between continuing with the ethos of their “multiracial and multicultural” visions – whilst at the same time trying to tell everybody about their “shared values” between these groups and to celebrate this general “Britishness” (although still “retaining individual cultures”).

Of course, it is all doomed to failure whichever way we have it. Especially as far as we are concerned.

You can barely fit a cigarette paper between the old and the new ideology; except for the new discourse of trying to pretend we are now ‘working together’. The overall atmosphere at the moment is somewhat schizophrenic – the old liberals still promoting diversity, and the new ones trying to recreate a civic Nationalism led unity and uniformity.

I found an example of this absurdity just the other day whilst sourcing material for a new documentary piece comprising of news clippings. Keith Vaz was explaining how he had just been to a delegation in Europe and he began saying how his city of Leicester was to be hailed as a role-model for other European cities. It came after a prompted recognition by the interviewer that Leicester was due to be an “ethnic minority majority” by 2010.

The news clip was quite a few years old, so I suppose I should look forward to hearing the confirmation of such news this year......

However, the basic reason for the delegation in Europe, and Mr Vaz’s appearance there was (in a nut shell) to show how well a European society has been invaded/colonised by non-whites with such little opposition, and how whatever they had done to achieve this was a “model” for other European cities (which are soon to be in the same boat).