Sunday, 8 August 2010

Some UK maternity units: Only 1 in 10 mothers is of white British origin

Revealed: The UK maternity units in which only 1 in 10 mothers is of white British origin

Daily Mail. 8th August 2010

New statistics taken from NHS records of women who have just given birth show that white Britons now account for an average of just six in ten of those receiving maternity care.

They also reveal the startling changes that a decade of record migration is having on different parts of the country.

In some inner city areas the proportion of white British mothers slumps to fewer than one in ten. But the impact on parts of Middle England is even more staggering. NHS trusts which cover parts of the home counties - such as St Albans - report less than six in ten mothers are white British.

The figures will reignite the debate about the scale of immigration and the scale of social division, as well as the impact on public services.

Ministers have pledged to force migrant workers to buy their own private health care to help reduce the burden on the NHS. 

Under the proposals non EU migrants would be entitled to emergency care but would have to buy insurance to cover the costs of GP visits and most operations.

The statistics raised fears the country is becoming increasingly divided along ethnic lines.

Of 652,638 deliveries in 150 NHS Trusts in England last year an average of 62 per cent of mothers were white British. But in some parts of rural England more than 95 per cent of mothers fell into that category. These included North Devon with 97.4 per cent, Co Durham and Darlington with 97.1, and Northumbria with 96 per cent.

But at the other end of the spectrum, North West London NHS Trust - which covers Harrow - just 9.4 per cent of mothers were white British. Another inner city trust - Sandwell and West Birmingham - had just 16.5 per cent. Just over one in four mothers were white Britons at Guy's and St Thomas's hospital in central London. But the West Hertfordshire NHS Trust, which covers St Albans, just 57 per cent of mothers giving birth were of white British origin. 

Of the remaining 43 per cent, the biggest groupings were 'other white' - which includes Eastern Europeans - Indians, Pakistanis and Africans.

Backbench Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: 'I think we have to face reality and that is if you continue to have mass immigration it's going to have a very significant impact on the demography of our country - and it's going to have a significant impact perhaps on the sort of country that we are.'

Last month it emerged that Britain's population growth is outpacing every other country in Europe.

Immigration and rising birth rates driven in part by the children of new arrivals - the so-called 'immigrant baby boom' - meant this country gained more people than anywhere else in the continent.

There were also warnings last week that Hungary is set to hand two million passports to people living outside the EU.

Ministers have pledge to put a limit on the number of immigrants from outside the EU given work permits for the UK.

David Cameron has pledged to reduce the level of net migration - those arriving minus those leaving - from the hundreds to the tens of thousands.

Well, what more needs to be said?  Nothing much really.

The country has already been racially obliterated in under 60 years, and all the so called "ministers" can say about it is that they will "pledge to force migrant workers to buy their own health care, to help reduce the burden on the NHS".

Oh well! That's perfectly fan-frigging-tastic then, in that case eh!  Heaven forbid we actually give a monkeys about being race replaced and completely on the road to racial annihilation in our own homeland - as long as the people we never needed to be here in the first place pay for their maternity care!

Well, we wouldn't want to be out of pocket as we are being ground into the dust would we, you Tory, money obsessed, tossers?

Do you think I am angry about the MONEY or the frigging "resources"?!!. That's nothing but a minor nuisance compared with the process of ETHNOCIDE you have all been carrying out for the last 60 years.

"Yeah! Come in everybody, snuff us out of our homeland, it is all okay as long as you bring some temporary funds!". Idiots.

They just do not get it do they?

Well, to be fair, one does.......(although there was no need for the "perhaps" qualifier).

Backbench Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: 
'I think we have to face reality and that is if you continue to have mass immigration it's going to have a very significant impact on the demography of our country - and it's going to have a significant impact perhaps on the sort of country that we are.'

Douglas Who? ..... With an outright comment like that, I doubt he will be in the party or an MP for long anyway. I can already hear the typist at Searchlight Towers and the EHRC rallying around the leftist circuit to call for his head on a plate, and a swathe of ultra-liberal-leftists plotting to bring action against the Daily Mail. 

You are right though Dougy-Boy, and you have my appreciation for having the balls to say something so patently true ......but where have you been hiding the last 20 years of your life, the moon?

Its too late Doug, it is already here. In those maternity wards. Whether we close the door tomorrow and weld it shut or not, it does not matter. The demography of Britain's future is utterly shafted. Wake up Doug, smell the nappies. 

If we continue to have mass immigration, it is going to have an impact on the sort of country we are?.....well, given the demographic trends and birthrate discrepancy between different ethnic groups, what future do you think that will be?  More White British? More European? More Christian?  - Equal? All the same, forever, amen?  

It does not take a genius to figure out we are on the road to hell. Forgive me if I refuse to believe "ministers" and "backbenchers" will be able to do a damn thing about it, or would even wish to. 

Hell fire, the Conservatives have already lost their teeth on immigration, lost them on their "cap" that's been exposed as a complete sham, and lost it in courts when it comes to removal of illegals and failed asylum seekers. Their leader has been pressing for entry of Turkey in the EU, and mumbling about immigration with India and Indian investing companies needing to bring in their staff, whilst on his recent trip there.

What the hell is wrong with people? Have they lost their minds? Are they clinically insane?

The wooden horse is already in the camp, we have been offering the people emerging from it generous gifts and effectively showing them where to put the sword. After all, who needs a poxy camp anyway....and why shouldn't we be snuffed out like a candle? As long as they pay for the upkeep of the moat after we are gone, it is all fine! 

Give me strength.