Saturday, 4 September 2010

A Small Example Of Media "Sleight Of Hand"

As usual, I have been doing a quick scout around the newspapers to see if there are any juicy or insightful articles which point to our plight.

I did not find much this morning, other than a scandal about illegal immigrant cleaners working in the houses of parliament, for a company aptly named KGB Cleaning, which would give the said individuals access to some quite sensitive offices (as well as being another example of the 'elite' using immigrants as some kind of cheap/slave labour).

However, another article headline caught my eye, regarding school places. "Hello, Hello, Hello...what do we have there then?!" cried my detective like thought pattern.  

Of course, it does not really need any detective skills whatsoever to figure out what is going on or what the story is about.

But, if you were terminally dumb or so plugged into the mainstream that you would just skim read it with a morning coffee and not put two and two together, the paper makes no attempt to align the real reason affecting school places in schools or the tragic effect such a backdrop holds for the future. 

In fact, they even do their usual 'trick' of showing a desk of white children to accompany the story - even though the areas affected in the story include:

  • Ealing - Which was 41.2% "Ethnic Minority" in 2001, where 31% of the population were born overseas
  • Tower Hamlets - Which was 57% "Ethnic Minority" in 2001 and where 76% of school age children were Ethnic Minority. (So not so much Baby Boomers, but Baby Kaboom'ers?).
  • Haringey - Which was 55% "Non White British" in 2001 (40% when including 'other' white).
  • Merton - Which was 35% "Ethnic Minority" according to the same flawed and outdated 2001 Census figures.
  • Newham - Which was 60.4% "Ethnic Minority" in 2001.
  • Brent - Which was 55% "Ethnic Minority" in 2001.
  • Birmingham - well, we need not even go there, need we?. 

As we know, we have had the biggest population change on this land mass since the thawing of the Ice Age - much of it after 2001, when the last Census was taken. Some of these areas now require the ability to be dealing with over 120 different languages.

As we are aware since the Andrew Neather revelation, Labour embarked on the most radical immigration policy to transform this country - most of it after the revelatory 2001 internal report which had called for it to take place. In 2005, 1 in 3 babies born in England an Wales were to non-white British mothers, which is not even including children of second and third generation ethnic minorities.

Yet, here is the article about school place shortages and makeshift school buildings being required. Again, notice the white children to accompany the article and notice that nowhere does it mention immigration at all - except for readers in the comment section.