Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sweden joins Europe-wide immigration backlash

You know, The Guardian's sorrowful tone in this article warms my cold Northern heart. I hope that my fellow Europeans can warm it a little further in the future too, regardless of what transpires here in Britain.

Nothing pleases me more this morning than to think of the many Guardianista's who will be sobbing into their 'tall caffè latte' (no doubt sat in Starbucks, or Costa Coffee) at the "intolerance", "hate" and "Nazi'ism" that is said to be fomenting in Europe......something otherwise known as self preservation of our people and our countries, along with decency, common sense and freedom from their cultural Marxist perversions of society.

Friday, 24 September 2010

A Catholic School's Dramatic Change

In another sign of the times, there is an article in the Telegraph today featuring upon a school in Blackburn.

Seeing as I know Blackburn and the surrounding area well, it obviously comes as no surprise to me when I read articles like this

Of course, the newspaper's headline of "Catholic school could be run by mosque" is quite misleading - because let's face it, this stopped being a Catholic school years ago, and besides, when it officially changes hands it will no longer even be a pretend Catholic school being run by the mosque either. 

The figures in the article cite that "More than nine-in-10 of the school's pupils were Catholic a decade ago but that number plummeted to just three per cent this year". 

"More cause for celebration", I expect we will be told.  But the cause for celebration does not stop there, as we are informed that "The Muslim population in Britain soared by a quarter to around 2.5 million between 2004 and 2008". That is quite an astonishing rise, isn't it. Oh, what joy. How lucky we are -  we lucky, lucky people.

As the diocese says "it no longer believes it is appropriate to continue running the school as the number of Catholic pupils has dropped to just “five or six”.  Quite. 

Of course, the idea of a "Catholic" school where over 90% of the pupils are Muslim is hardly new around this area. I have long mocked the so called "Church Of England" schools and other such names like "St Phillips" - whose intake hardly match the label on the building's tin.  

I have often wondered what the true English people who founded and painstakingly built those solid stone schools today would think if they knew what had transpired in the last few decades. I get the impression that their eyes would be out on stalks if they saw the town today.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Video: Tales From A Transforming Britain

There is currently a ton of media material on the hard drive here at Activism Towers, including PDF reports, articles I found to be outstanding or informative, newspaper articles from the mainstream press, video clips and few political orientated cartoons for those occasions when you need a laugh or a witty put-down to shove on the internet.

Much of the video I have stored so far has just been sitting there for years on the hard drive - doing nothing besides fill up my hard drive space. I eventually started to think that it is no use whatsoever to anybody just being sat there doing nothing, so it was either a case of delete it all from the drive - as being (modern) ancient history in this fast changing country - or finally try and do something with it so that it wasn't all collected in vain.

So, earlier last month I set about cropping out the relevant parts, converting the swathe of different media formats into something common, and making some attempt to compile a documentary piece. 

With it being mainstream media, it is not likely to be an overly explosive documentary - but never the less, it has taken quite some time to convert, crop, stitch together and upload. I hope that at some point, should anybody watch it in the future, people can become aware of the general daily mundane craziness of our current time. 

Otherwise, perhaps one day it may be distributed amongst friends and family on discs (along side the "Lost Voices Of Britain" documentary) to help rally the call for every day people to contemplate voting for British Nationalism, whatever guise it happens to take.

I have probably got enough material left to compile another film of a similar length, but tackling different issues to those raised in this one.....but I will leave that for now. It is quite a long video, but I hope that those who do manage to watch it can get all the way through to the end!
The video is also added to the "British Activism Video Reel", located on the right hand side of the main blog page.

Regards, British Activism.

{Sept.2011: video link updated, due to broken Livestream account}