Saturday, 16 October 2010

Musings On A Recent Development.

As some of you know, I would probably loosely describe myself as a 'race realist', an ethno-Nationalist, a British Nationalist (and pick and choosy Libertarian within that field) who also values the wider Nationalism and self preservation of all nations, especially - and primarily - Europe and the Occidental world who I feel are my kith and kin.

This being said, I have to say that I am very despondent lately regarding where things are going in Britain. I have always supported the British National Party - and through lack of serious "other" things to throw my weight behind,  it appears that I will still be doing so in the future too.

I have kept a watchful eye on the 'background noise' in the recent factional split and tried to sort the wheat out from the chaff, but upon news of this new party formation, from what little I have seen and read from it courtesy of Mr Barnes,  I am already of the opinion that it is going to be chaff, rather than the wheat we need (via being ideologically unsound). {His ranting style and ramblings, calling everyone who disagrees 'nazi's' and 'dumb' isn't exactly winning me over to see their point either}.

When I have peeled back all the "attacks" on each side of the factional split over the last few months, washed away all the ad-hominem garbage, slander and counter slanders, there have been some good honest thoughts and suggestions put forward by this grouping about where problems are and what could be being done to advance the cause - and one or two home truths about the entire British Nationalist movement which should be widely acknowledged and tackled.

The spats and fights have never interested me, and like the last few times this has happened in the British National Party (EFP, NNP, VOC, BFP, BFP, and now a new BFP) I have kept out of it. I am not one for gossip or personalities, and nor do I think it is wise to permanently burn down bridges so much between people (especially people who are more "on side" than they are against our aims and ambitions).