Thursday, 29 December 2011

British Nationalism 'Vs' Knotweed

Japanese Knot-weed - A tale of our time?

It has been a while since I have treated you all with one of my crazy analogies (lol) - so I thought it was time I filled the gap.

I originally wrote this as a reply to another article on another site which was orientated around numbers and immigration, but thought I might as well add it to my site now that I had typed it.

Without wanting to be the harbinger of doom too much - we have to wake up to the fact that the writing is already on the wall when it comes to demographic numbers.

It is no longer a case of "taking moderate, toned action on immigration to avert catastrophe later" (as some still suggest). That alone is not anywhere near enough, not any more. The real question is, even if numbers were stopped tomorrow, 'what can we do to turn this existing situation around'?

Stopping further immigration almost completely is the necessary requirement in order to make the former job easier. Therefore that particular aim and aspiration for Nationalism goes without even saying.

The more difficult aspect to wrestle with is how we save ourselves - (should that cease of immigration ever be achieved) - considering what is already planted in our garden.

The seed has already been sown, but we (as a wider nation) have yet to see the full 'flower' burst through into full bloom.

They are currently coming out of the nursery beds in great numbers and will soon be entering the main gardens and going on to further pollinate in the future at twice the previous speed, sometimes cross pollinating with other plants.

The government (the garden tenders) are just adding more and more manure (and talking a lot of it too) to make sure their poisonous plant thrives in territory it was not meant to be potted in. But it isn't really needed - for the beast they have planted already thrives on the conditions of the country's habitat which they have 'kindly' provided for it.

The garden tender encourages their growth, provides their nutrients, etc, whilst ceasing to water the plants that originally made the garden great. Those plants are not reproducing themselves in this newly cultivated and unnatural environment. They are put under strain to help provide for the new plants.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Some Refutations........

I suppose I have again been neglecting the blogsite lately, but that is not to say I haven't been busy or not writing anything. Besides, I think would rather write something for this site when I feel I have something in particular to say, rather than just produce random output for the sake of keeping it topped up.

Anyway, back to business.....

After quite a leave of absence when it comes to facing down what people these days seem to call "libtards", I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and try and 're-cut my teeth' on providing some come-backs to some of the points and positions they make. 

The primary objective of this, from my point of view, was to throw things out there and see what came back. 

If I ended up being "beaten" and shown to be a complete fool, then I thought I would either have to "take it on the chin" and accept it, change my ways - or try other angles and use the experience to hone some further skills on how to plug up the holes which they had managed to break through.

As it turns out, I did not seem to have much trouble -but that is not to say that the ideas, replies and such I gave out are perfectly correct or should be employed without caution and some basic understanding of the directions I tried to use. 

It reminds me a lot of something which I wanted to get off the ground for the last seven years or so, but never managed to pull it together or find others interested in helping me with the project.....

The focus of the topic that these replies were penned for, stemmed from the Emma West "Tram Lady" issue from earlier this month. Again, just like a spotted several years ago, the opposition groups have a standard set of comebacks, which perhaps only comprise of around ten main focus points. 

For example, slavery, colonisation of America and Australia, doing the jobs we will not do, they pay for our pensions, doctors and nurses we needed, curry and foods, English going to live in Spain,the British Empire 'stealing their wealth', no such thing as English/nation of immigrants/mongrel race etc, how we went to war with Hitler to fight views like ours...... 

That is probably the main set. The others are variations on the same theme or based on egalitarianism and emotional themes of "hurt" and "not judging peoples character by their skin tone" etc.

The idea I had several years ago was to hone a near water-tight refutation of all those standard points, so that they can be used time and time again, instead of wasting so much time reinventing the wheel. 

Even if they could not be honed that well, I hoped that they could at least stall a debate and make our opposition work as hard as we have to work to counter their points.

I am not really one for bothering to engage with this kind of thing any more, but whilst I have been off work on holiday (and off a bit sick, like always happens when I stop working!) I thought I would have a crack at arguing with the opposition. 

They are not perfect replies. Some parts of them are taken from other replies I have seen elsewhere over the years. They are not designed or suitable for "copy and pasting", so watch out for that. 

They are not there to provide "stock" answers. I am providing the following responses for the purposes of providing others with a certain line-of-thought, which they themselves may have either forgotten or not thought about for themselves. 

Use them at your own risk - and use them only if you understand them and can defend them, otherwise you will look pretty silly when you cannot come up with the same standard of reply or continue the type of language being used in them, or cannot back up the thinking behind the points being made.

In an ideal world, I should properly sit down and professionally compile these into a more suitable format (as I had previously intended). But, I think life is too short, especially for me when I am not sure how long I will be bothering to concern myself with Nationalism and the various issues we face. 

I thought you'd better have them now than maybe not at all. I thought they may be better on here, than sat on my computer or sat randomly between another 630 replies on a random website. 

If you want to see the true context of the replies I am responding to, you will find them on the British Resistance website, on the article called "Emma West: Truth or Racial Harassment" - which is currently the highest commented article on the site.

They are in no particular order, and the lengthy 'all encompassing' set of replies to the "sympathiser" were not submitted for publication there, so they are exclusive to being here at the Independent British Nationalist blog. 

Be warned, they are all quite substantial! 

Okay, here it goes: 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Feeling Charitable?

One of the sad resultants of being "nationalistically inclined" is the lack of trust that I now have when it comes to charities of all stripes.

It is not all that long ago when I used to loathe people who did not contribute to charities. Now, I am the one who does not really give to any. 

The only exceptions I still have are; giving whatever loose change (up to a couple of pound) for the Royal British Legion in November for a poppy (or as they tend to say now, "The Legion").......and the 'forced' charity I am giving through government grants and in foreign aid programmes via my taxes. I am stupid enough to still be in a National Lottery syndicate at work too.

Even then, when it comes to buying a poppy, although I still like to pay some kind of homage to the dead of this nation for their sacrifice and trauma (despite my unease about the first and second word wars, the resultant from it, the case for it etc), I am getting reluctant to keep on doing this when it is increasingly the case that all conflicts we seem to have been involved with since the Falklands have continued to have been spurious, neo-conservative and in the interests of others, etc. 

It is getting like the old adage of "loathe the sin, love the sinner", where I would like to see my own people "done right by" and am thankful for their courage etc - but annoyed at the escapades they find themselves embroiled in and brainwashed into carrying out. Primarily though, I think of my grandfathers and the men and women of this country who made it what it was and who gave themselves, so they thought, to protect it.

When it comes to general charity, at an early age I was imbibed with the sense of doing good deeds for charity. This was to the usual point where I did things many children do......such as collecting for charities as part of my Sunday School youth, bringing tins (and such) to school for thanksgiving harvests, doing the whole comic relief thing and children in need thing, plus various others which came along through the years. 

I remember things at my secondary school, such as a missionary giving a "special talk" - somebody who had been helping 'poor Africans' in Tanzania. We schoolchildren then helped raise more money for Africa as a result.

I would not say I was ever some kind of charity giving guru. I did not bust a gut, but I subbed in my pocket money, did a few odd jobs to raise a bit of extra pocket money, contributed tins and packets of food, put money in various buckets for comic relief (buying the various red noses over the years), non-uniform day, and that kind of thing.

I remember thinking of the people who did not give anything as being "mean", "hateful" and "selfish". I hated them. "How can you not afford a little something for the starving babies in Africa", I thought. Once again, youthful liberalism made me put emotion before logic and understanding. I knew nothing of the world or how it worked.

Now, through what I have learnt about the world and the negative impact of such charities, such as how it makes (and has made) many problems worse, how demographics are going to end up, how various charities are nothing more than communist front organisations serving a globalist agenda, how charities are often working to undermine my own country and my own has made me one of those people I always used to hate as a child.

Now that I see ourselves in this global game, this national survival game, this self survival game of my race and my people, my tune has changed towards charities -even the ones which are supposedly British or "British themed" like Children In Need.

They now make it clear on the TV broadcasts that the money raised cannot be diverted to be used abroad and that it is all for use in the United Kingdom. It almost sounds patriotic doesn't it, tapping into the public who are fed up with our own poor and needy being sidelined and who subscribe to the 'charity begins at home' ethos .......but, quite honestly, do people really know where it is going, even in this country?

I know it makes me very hard hearted - but I have become determined to cease helping the funding of our own demise as a people in this kind of way. 

When, or if, we see a reversal in our national decline, I may well contribute to things once again. Until that point, I am going to remain sceptical, distrusting and - as the opposition would no doubt say - "hateful" and "bigoted".

If those are the labels which must be applied in order for me to try and resist our replacement as a people here in Britain and Europe, then so be it. I can live with myself. I have a clean conscience. We have been one of the most altruistic races on the planet and given much more to the world than we have ever received back.

If I was going to give to charity, I would do it on a local basis or towards something specific that I know for a fact is legitimate and beneficial to my own people in some way.

Much of the need for charity in this country is - in my opinion -somewhat self inflicted anyway, especially at the hands of mass migration and liberal social policies. 

We have seen increased poverty in society (via immigration, blacks, Asians), lack of stable parenthood (often black men leaving their children and increased divorce rates), drug abuse getting rife (at the hands of black and Asian drug pushers), myriads of "ethnic" themed charities for "integration" and "refugee awareness" programmes. None of which we ever really needed before c.1960.

So, when Children In Need rocks up every year - I am feeling less than charitable these days. It is all "feel good stuff" - but I cannot even bring myself to watch it on the television. The smug-fest gets irritating.

Yes, the bulk of it probably does go to some very needy children - probably truly British children who deserve help and support - but unfortunately, much of it does not and I cannot bear being made "a chump" out of via financing programmes and groups which are not in my peoples or my nations interests. I guess I am living proof of Robert Putnam's observations on 'social capital'.

I spotted elsewhere that somebody posted up a link to the Children in Need funding site, so I decided to read through the linked PDF documents which noted where the money was being allocated. 

I have taken the time and trouble of wading through the majority of them (not all of them) to pick out some of the most obvious examples of what I am talking about.

If you were pro-British and under an illusion that your charity money was going to little British children who had fallen on hard times etc, then you are probably in for a wake up call when I list some of the places it has gone to.

Whilst some of them may be 'deserving cases' for bleeding hearts and some tragic situations, unfortunately the rights of my people to survive in their own homeland have to come first. If we are to help them at all, it should be in their own homeland - not mine. Especially when our acts of 'kindness' are slowly turning this country into a basket case and hell hole.

For the sake of "charity", I have tried not to include ones for genuine disabilities and the disabled, even though some of those charities are obviously specifically targeted at their own ethnic people's advancement. 

Here we go, from what I gather was last years Children In Need:-

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Jared Taylor - White Indentity, What it is and Why it is necessary

Although I am conscious of the fact that there has been a few American themed discussions and articles on the site lately, I thought I would share this video by Jared Taylor. Jared Taylor is behind the American Renaissance magazine and author of a good few books pertaining to white identity interests.

In light of the recent NPI conference, Jared has made a 25 minute piece outlining white identity rights and why it is necessary, using some similar arguments and points made in his NPI Press Conference speech. I have not seen Jared make such a snappy/simple video before, although I have read and seen the same kinds of arguments being made in debates and discussions he has been involved with on various American TV outlets and radio stations.

Obviously it is highly American themed in nature, but I think some aspects do travel well to this country.

White Identity: What It Is and Why It Is Necessary from American Renaissance on Vimeo.

Seeing as Vimeo seem to be playing silly beggars, no doubt at the hands of the opposition, you can, for now, also find the video here:

Now that youtube link has been censored too, here is another link! The opposition must really be running scared of this powerful exposure of truth and legitimate arguments! First the Vimeo site connected with AmRen goes down, then the youtube link, how long will this one last?!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Alex Kurtagic - Masters of the Universe

{British Activism's note: This speech was delivered at a conference held by the National Policy Institute in Washington, DC on September 10, 2011. I found the following article very positive and has certainly made me think in the last few days. I recommend the whole article to all nationalists who wonder where we may need to be going from here on in.}

Masters of the Universe

Alex Kurtagic, September 13, 2011

Two years ago I asked the question, “What will it take?” How bad will it need to get, before the inconvenience of changing things becomes preferable to more of the same? I asked this because for many years we’d been hearing about a collapse that would cause a great uprising and magically solve all our problems.

The theory was that Whites in the West tolerated their displacement because they were too comfortable, because they felt prosperous, and risking their lifestyles by speaking out against multiculturalism, against racial quotas, against the slander coming from Hollywood and Madison Avenue, seemed not worth the trouble. People found it easier to keep quiet and isolate themselves economically.

And in 2009 it seemed the collapse was about to happen. And yet, despite the biggest economic crisis in eighty years, life carried on just like before. More immigration, more laws, more regulations, more surveillance, more bureaucracy, more political correctness, more money printing, and more and higher taxes to pay for it all.

Not only that, but elections were held afterwards, and the same politicians, with the same policies, were returned to power. So the question remains, “What will it take?”

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

American Conference (NPI) Video

Although I am primarily a British Nationalist, I have always had an interest in America when it comes to some of our historical ties as a civilisation and our current joint plight when it comes to seeking some self preservation. We are both heading for the oblivion milestone of minority status within a matter of decades.

I therefore do tend to keep a keen eye on what American Nationalists and "race realists" are up to, because in some ways, even though their issues and their history and such are different to our own (in terms of population, civil rights movements, Hispanic issues, etc) I think we can learn from some of their wider positions and presentations that transcend the divide.

Many people who come to this site may already know of it and may already have seen it, but I wanted to make sure I shared this full uninterrupted and unedited video of the recent NPI "Majority Strategy" press conference featuring the wonderful author and spokesmen Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, Political Cesspool radio host and author James Edwards and the man behind the Alternative Right website, Richard Spencer.

As is usual for when any dissenting viewpoint being made, the usual rag tag Antifa style loons turned up to protest outside, even remarking how they would like to take an automatic assault rifle in there to deal with "the nazi's" and so on and so forth. They only numbered a handful, which was truly pathetic - and inside the venue the meeting took place without hitch. It was impressively smooth running.

So what were these horrible, sig heiling, fascist, nazi set of swines discussing? Are you not into Nationalism and have you ever wanted to know what kind of discussions are had at these "hate meetings" when these loony tunes Antifa/UAF type people are outside various venues around the world waving their placards and screaming that the baby-eating race haters are inside plotting a new Reich?

Well, now is a chance to find out. If you ever took those protesting types at their word, then you may be in for a shock! Bear in mind that this is the full press conference, unedited. I think it is worth watching the whole thing, even though it is explicitly American themed and orientated. There might be more videos coming from the full conference, featuring other figures such as Alex Kurtagic.....but I will have to wait and see.

The Majority Strategy — NPI Press Conference 9/9/2011 from NPI TV on Vimeo.

I wish them all the best in pulling off their strategy and saving themselves from the brink. Good luck.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

British Nationalism - Part Two -

(The introduction to this article can be found here )
(The first part of the series can be found here )

I think it is reasonably fair to state that both today's liberal and conservative orthodoxies hold the opposite beliefs to the 'controversial' ones that we tend to hold as British nationalists. This is of course notoriously the case regarding the issue and role of race, and the impacts of multi racialism in society. 

I also believe I would be on safe ground to suggest that both the liberal and conservative viewpoint today is that all racial groups are equal in all regards of abilities and cultures, and that no matter how different people are, at the bottom of it all we are all basically alike and equally interchangeable. 

To push it to its extreme, they seem to believe that if you import people from Africa to replace people in Yorkshire, Yorkshire will not really become any different, other than the presence of new dark-skinned Yorkshiremen.

They might argue that no real loss has transpired - or if change has occurred, that it has "enhanced" and "enriched" the host community in some particular way which is beyond the capacity of the original inhabitants, to give it more "dynamism" and "vibrancy" (and other common buzz words which tend to get used but tend to evaporate on their meaning, when scrutinised).

What exactly is dynamism in this kind of context anyway? What is vibrancy? Do we need it? What value does it have? What does it cost? How is it measured? People are that used to hearing and saying it, they go along with it without ever really knowing what it is!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

British Nationalism - Part One -

(The introduction to this article can be found here )

There is an old saying in this country that goes "when you are in a hole, stop digging". Another old saying is "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". Add these to a common quotation of 'madness being the act of repeatedly doing the same things and expecting different results' and we have a basis for an article concerning multi-racialism, multiculturalism, race realism and white identity rights.

From our nationalistic perspective the nation is in a hole and we need to stop digging, the country was not broken (and it did not need 'fixing') and we are all living the definition of madness which is being inflicted upon us by the globalists, multiculturalists, liberals, or whatever other description people may want to attribute to them.

The latter group in particular show no signs of ceasing to dig our graves, show no sign of stopping the attempts to fix their self inflicted problems and continue to show all the signs of madness by trying to frame the situation in the same disastrous way using the same disastrous languages and prescribing the same disastrous measures in the hope that it will yield different results. 

Rather than assess the things they believe in and question themselves why it does not work, they would rather dig deeper, try and fix things by pushing them even further (via more liberalism) and thus persist in what is clearly a crazy situation. "It is not working" they muse, so in their view it must mean they have not yet gone far enough with their attempts.

Introduction to a new series of articles

Although I have been quiet on the blogging side of things lately, I am planning to write a new series of articles pertinent to British Nationalism. Although I have not yet formulated a distinct structure when it comes to how they might progress, I have sought to make start. The first one will follow shortly.

They are planned to be easy reading from a general standpoint and not too steeped in deeper conjecture. The topics might cover such things as how our current society was conceived, what seems to have happened, where we now are etc as part of a general discussion of contemporary Britain (and nationalism) as seen from the viewpoint of a British Nationalist like myself.

Hopefully, they might be something which others can later refine or something which might provide people with arguments that they might find useful. I will leave that for others to decide.

I will state from the outset though, that along the way the material used in this series - should I continue it - may indeed include points, paragraph segments and positions which I have acquired from others, both from Britain, Europe and the United States. Therefore, I feel I cannot (and should not) take credit for everything written here for these articles.

Influences may include people such as Jared Taylor, George McDaniel, Tom Sunic, Alex Kurtagic, Lawrence Auster, Fjordman, and so on and so forth via articles and books I have picked up along the way. I shall also endeavour to include a few links from time to time to help make a point or provide examples.

So, without further ado - I will get started!.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A response to some 'ideological reformists'. Part One.

There has been a spate of article and comments on a well known nationalist blog site which I feel I need to respond to properly, and which cannot realistically be done via the comment sections. I will therefore try and explain myself here instead and perhaps drop a few links around in the comment sections so that anybody who is interested enough to wade through my mind on these subjects can do so. 

Dealing with the most recent one first, it was orientated around how we should "slay our sacred cows" and ditch various principles and policies in order to win support from the "mainstream". Once again, it smacked of an ideological reformation platform and once again I found the premise of it to be rather half baked. 

Perhaps I misunderstand what was trying to be conveyed, and if so, I shall try and be gracious enough to say I was wrong.

It listed a batch of so called 'sacred cows' - I do not quite know where the sacred cows were plucked from - and then proceeded to suggest that we should drop them in preference for a new 'electable' few. 

As such, I cannot really agree with the premise of their article although I do understand that we need to drive the right focus forward and prioritise.  Perhaps it is the lack of distinction between what we are officially pushing and what unofficially tends to be said at times that causes my concern.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Way The Cookie Crumbles

This is article follows on from the last one, with a few links to news items in our mainstream press that have been published in the last 7 days or so. I am sure I could write extensively about the scenario and the situation, pulling a couple of hundred examples of similar things from my material archive - but I am not sure there is any point in doing that.

In the last article, I ended it by discussing the slow and creeping nature of our demise which is a process much like the often cited 'frog in hot water' situation - where we sit, and sit, as the temperature rises, oblivious as to what is coming.....and then, within a very short period of time, we find we are unable to escape and unable to get out of the boiling pan and thus suffer a terrible fate.

People who are in opposition to us (and I mean White people here, because I am not particularly interested in selfish non-white protestation at my views, seeing as a turkey is never going to desire Christmas) may think that what we say will not happen, that there is nothing to worry about, that things will carry on as they are now just a little different in complexion, and the idea that we are being "taken over" and colonised is ludicrous.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Divided We Stand - Divided We Fall. The Demographic of Nations.



Well, it is fair to say that I have been neglecting the blog site lately. I have had so much to say, but at the same time, given the sheer weight of such complex scenario's and issues going on, so little enthusiasm to write anything at all.

Amongst other things which are more obvious, I had planned to write about the greater need for national and racial identity amongst our populace, the 'race-realism' issues that we need to be endorsing, about the chaos going on in the British National Party, about the behaviour and ill discipline of nationalists in general and about results of political test score charts. 

I had planned to write about some very nasty beatings and crimes occurring my neck of the woods at the hands of our ethnic friends (involving sledge hammers and knee-caps for example), about how times have changed, about our family's recent deep discussion of our mid-to-long term plans preparing for "white flight" away from our much loved family home, our town and the wider immediate area in which I have lived all my life.

Despite the rest of the town increasingly turning into an alienating place to live, it breaks my heart to contemplate having to leave such a intrinsic part of my life and identity behind. I really am resentful of this situation, for amongst other things, as a child I had hoped to live here for the rest of my life.

I had also planned to write about current news affairs in the last few weeks too, which prove that Nationalism and Nationalists are right once the issues and articles are coming out thick and fast every single day. As are the revelations of absurdities and complete "failures" of the 'movers and shakers' to remedy our situations. 

(I put the inverted commas on "failures" because I do not believe any more that they ever were real and genuine failures).

I have planned all manners of things for articles actually..... but when it came down to it, I just haven't felt up to throwing them together just lately. I do hope to write about all of the above soon. I think I needed to (and still need) some more time to sit and stew over them.

In the meantime, something did catch my eye this week. It is something we all know is happening, but it was the quick succession of separate revelations on the same theme that reinforced my idea to put them together in one place. 

That issue, yet again, is demographics of nation states. 

More precisely, my thoughts regard the plight of historically white nations and how we as a racial group are suffering a death by a thousand cuts because we are so disjointed from one another as a global grouping - never mind within our own individual nations.

Although things have changed in recent years - especially with renewed interest due to the freedom of the internet - there is still a collective blindness to what is taking place as a whole and what the outcome is already destined to be. 

Through the advent of the internet, we have been able to seek out like-minded individuals and realise that our own inner thoughts and emotions are shared by a considerable amount of people. 

This is especially true in terms of being able to be anonymous. We can reveal things and discuss things on line which we feel we can never say at work, with family, friends - because there is an unwritten "social contract" out there that enforces that such matters are left at the door in favour of trivia and "having a good time" to block such matters out. 

Naturally in this kind of climate, some have to hide their views, hide their affiliations - in case they are demonised, beaten up or stabbed, threatened, risking the ability to stay a part of extended family life, risk losing their job etc.

So much for living in a free and democratic society with freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of beliefs.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ethnic Cleansing of England and Wales Quickens - 1 in 6 now 'non-white'.

Well, it seems that the ethnocide of the true British people continues apace.  According to this article in the London Evening Standard, the figures are pretty much what we all suspected - but it still never fails to shock me all the same when I read this kind of news in plain black and white, pardon the pun.

Britain's ethnic minority population has risen by nearly 40 per cent in just eight years because of immigration and high birth rates, official figures revealed today. The Office for National Statistics said that 9.1 million people living in England and Wales - equivalent to one in six of the population - were now from a "non-white" background.

The new total, based on statistics compiled in 2009, is 2.5 million higher than the comparable figure of 6.6 million in 2001 and is certain to prompt renewed debate about the impact of Labour's immigration policies.

The biggest increase over the eight-year period, of 553,000 people, is among the "other white" group which includes Europeans, such as Poles, as well as citizens of countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Other groups registering a sharp rise include the Chinese, whose numbers have increased by 8.6 per cent each year, and black Africans, who have recorded a 214,000 increase in population since 2001. The largest ethnic populations, however, are of Indians, who account for more than 1.4 million people living here, and Pakistanis, who represent a further one million residents.

Explaining the increases, the statisticians say that the rise in the Indian population, which is 291,000 up on 2001, is "primarily due" to international migration, while high birth rates are a key factor behind the combined 190,000 growth in the Pakistani or Bangladeshi population.

Despite the overall surge in numbers, a regional split shows that London's ethnic population has remained virtually static at just over 40 per cent even though the capital accounts for 28 per cent of the net inflow of "non-white British" migrants.

The statisticians say this is because the influx is outweighed by a net outflow of more than 600,000 ethnic people from London to other parts of the country.
Well. For once, I do not really have anything to say. I am lost for words. What the hell have they unleashed onto us? This situation is so horrific to me that I often wish I could wake up from this nightmare. The speed of this annihilation can only quicken again now that this "jump" has occurred. These are just the ones they know about too.....and more arrive every single day of the week.

I do not know what to suggest in order to deal with this situation, but something tells me that campaigning about "culture" is just not going to cut the mustard in time, even if it ever was viable. The choice is coming between all or nothing. Not a good choice.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Burden. (An Ode to Nationalism)

In a change to the usual schedule, I have written an ode, or a kind of poem to depict some of the things that burdens my mind.  I removed the last article I wrote (for reasons I shall probably keep to myself for the time being) - so, because of this, I thought I had better come up with something to replace it.

I am not a poet, I do not claim to be good at poetry - so I am sure this one may give a few 'liberals' a laugh.......but I have sat down this evening for an hour or so, and this is what just naturally came out.

As usual for me, it is rather long for a poem - and to be honest I could have kept going for hours with verses - but I thought it was getting quite long enough already and chose to stop it before it went any further.

So, here we go.

The Burden.

The burden of our knowledge is just one fateful thing,
Of the chaos that has been brought to our once tranquil spring.
The knowledge that things are just not going to be right,
Is the burden we now carry for our days and our nights.

The wreckers have come and have burdened our souls,
They have blighted this country, perhaps for once and for all.
For it is no mere accident that all this came to be,
It was planned from the start, and that does bother me.

The life we once lived is now lost in the haze,
Of our memories of a past we so seek oh to save,
The burden I carry is so much weighting me down,
The point is now past where I have sorrows to drown.

The wreckers have done this, of that I am sure,
They sought to destroy what was once much more pure.
They plotted and schemed and they befuddled us all,
Marching along with those names they would call.

You’re a despicable racist, a hater, a fascist; they said,
When what they really desired was the West to be dead.
The burden of knowing their success is a hard one to take,
When you come to realise that your whole race is at stake.

Eight percent and shrinking, can this really be our fate?
This is this just one of the reasons at night I’m laying awake.
The other is the burden that others do not really know,
Nor see it is not hatred in our veins that do flow.

The hate is much more reserved for the processes at hand,
For those people who seek to cleanse us from this land.
No people can survive this situation they’ve brought,
Well, not without a fight, mass deportations - or, perhaps, vote.

Is it really so evil to just want to live peaceful and free,
In a country where people are just like you and like me?
Is it really so evil to save what is left of our race?
It is surely destroyers of diversity who are the true disgrace.

The knowledge of this situation is certainly a burden to bear,
A burden made much worse when so few seem to care.
Is it a situation or a premise that just dare not be said?
Or is it just that the wreckers have fully poisoned their heads?

We are told it is progress, the future, a cause for much celebration,
This ever unfolding destruction of our people; this nation.
The burden is also to watch this disturbing situation unfold,
To run rings around the absurdities of the lies we are told.

Yes, the burden can weigh you down all day and all night,
When you know in your heart this situation isn’t right.
It is not as though we hate a few fellow men for arrival,
But we are now at the point we must fight for survival.

It is not as though we begrudge our fellow humans either a life,
But we know in the future there will be nothing but strife.
The same fate has consumed so many people elsewhere
Whether it racial replacement, admixture, religious warfare.

This may not happen, of course that is quite possibly true,
But one wouldn’t place a bet on it, and nor really should you.
The only way it won’t happen is if we give up the fight
Go quietly, acquiesce, and disappear in the night.

Ten thousand plus years our forebears have been here,
Yet in the space of just 150 we are to be out on our ear.
The wreckers have come and they have poisoned our well
It is they who have developed and nurtured this hell.

The “useful idiots” have yielded their sickles and hammers,
To uproot, to knock down, all what we once clambered,
All that we have built for ourselves and our future,
Bent out of shape, transformed, they just wanted it neutered.

Revolution they wanted, “Revolution!” they cried!
Look at the result, this once proud land's almost died.
A nation of druggies, gang rape, of stabbings and shootings,
Let alone the street robbery, the vandalism and lootings.

For it is not just the ethnic means they have sought to inflict,
But the criminals and the scum their judges no longer convict.
It is the removal of pride, of our safety, of our rules,
All via the ‘happy clappy’ liberal pursuit of such fools.

The right to govern ourselves has also been denied,
As their “progressive” vehicle tootled along for its ride.
The levers of political power are now well out of our hands,
The future of our people slips through them like sand.

Yet what can be done to avert this present force?
That is the illusive answer we all seek, of course.
Perhaps first we must create an identity for ourselves
Before we are history leather bound, on dusty book shelves.

From there might just come a new will to thrive,
Perhaps then we will gain the means to survive.
‘There are more of us than them’ as people do say,
So somehow we have to let people find out our way.

Yet the burden is pressing ever more deep on my mind,
For the solutions to this nightmare, I do struggle to find.
We can empty their bins and can canvass on litter
Yet it is the bigger picture that really makes us so bitter.

If we have no recruits, then our mission will falter,
There will be no more Britons, no churches and their altars,
Gone will be the tolerance that we gave so much to the other,
As when their tribal instinct comes, God knows we shall suffer.

Perhaps this is just the brutal way of the world I suppose,
The weak shall perish; we can’t make friends with our foes.
Ten thousand years, is this degradation the pinnacle?
The way things are going we just may need a miracle.

When I see our past splendour, our once pleasant Isle,
When I see the faces of white children still beam and smile,
These are the things that make me continue this on,
As I am reminded that these faces will one day be gone.

In the darkest hours I sometimes do question our rights,
To persist in our ‘unseemly’ defence in this plight,
The wreckers have come and they have laid things on thick,
But they had to I suppose; to bring us down brick by brick.

The way that I see it, well, our cause, it is just,
It is our nation, our people; to battle on is a must.
It is the burden, the backpack, the baggage to wear,
Of knowledge, of insight, that makes you despair.

How long I shall fight for? It is getting harder to tell,
It depends how much more poison is poured into the well.
The well leads to the spring, from which our people shall drink,
If it is fate, it is fate, but I just wish people would think.

The clock is globally ticking eight percent down to six
A mere fraction of this number having birth giving hips.
These hips only lay at around two percent of our number,
So really, we have little more time we can slumber.

I still have some hope we can turn this around,
That something will happen, some way will be found.
Emotional blackmail and guilt chokes the air from our breath,
But if we do not wake up, we really do face our death. 

{Added verses}

So onwards we must go in this battle we fight,
To put something together, to show people the light.
How it can be done is still anybody's guess,
Yet there has to be a way to get us out of this mess.

Those refusing our messages may have to be left behind,
One day they may understand what has preoccupied our mind.
For those of us already fully aware of the plight that we face,
It is hoped that, if nothing else, we can find some secure space.

This last ditch survival must be worked at by hook or by crook,
For politics and wishful thinking is now not nearly enough.
Progress may be slow, we may not do all that much,
Yet the seeds must keep being sown for a general push.

This survival, or revival, cannot be something that's rushed,
It must be organic, imbibed, so not very easily crushed.
There are those that will fight us, of that I am sure
Yet we should be in a position by then not to care any more.

So the task must be to get on with the realities at hand,
To throw away the distractions, all the banal, the bland.
It is time to free ourselves from the shackles that tend to bind,
To think big, to think bold, outside our opponent's confines.

Our right for survival is bigger than these manufactured constraints,
We must uncouple ourselves from the disaster that awaits.
European man must relearn to be strident, to plot our own course,
To live apart from the rest, to go on, to go forth.

The End. 

Thanks for reading,
British Activism. 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Misnomer Of Extremist Politics - Part Two

KerPlunk: Pull out the straws and cause a collapse of marbles.

During the last article, I tried to convey a 'different take' on what confines and comprises debate, how this process of limitation is able to be carried out - and how even 'normal' discourse and wholly natural behaviour can be portrayed as a fringe and extremist 'evil' if it strays from the restrictive confines of the "middle ground". 

I finished the article by asking people to consider the proposition that what has been happening to this country (and the various tangles we have got ourselves into) have not necessarily been accidental - but  something born from a deep extremist ideology, something that has been projected into all aspects of  our society and manipulated into being the mainstream narrative.

I will go into that side of things in a bit more depth later, but in the meantime, on an every day level, why not consider for a moment the political discourse carried out between mainstream politicians (and the mainstream media which supplies the spectator vehicle).

This usually takes the course of  saying that (for example) the recently governing Labour administration was "incompetent", 'misgoverned' or had been neglectful of this or that issue. If the Conservatives had been in power for as long as Labour just has been, then it would be the same game in reverse.

Labour, answering back, would seek to promote their justifications for their previous policies and when it comes to it being demonstratively shown that what has actually turned out as a result of their time in office has become a very problematic state of affairs indeed, then they will say that they had "made mistakes".

You can easily sit there at the breakfast table munching on your cornflakes, agreeing with the television news spokesman that Gordon Brown had 'made mistakes' with the economy and regulation, or that various home secretaries and immigration ministers have just acted out poor judgement and let things get out of hand as a result. It is so easy for the public to be sucked into this charade. It is so easy to understand, so easy to believe.

Yet this is not strictly true. This notion of mere mismanagement implies that "but for its administrative and technical failings, it would all have otherwise  gone well".

It implies that the government are on our side, playing for our team and for our interests. Nationalists do not believe either of these things to be true. They were not accidents, they are not our friends, they are not on our side. They are the enemies of the indigenous British people, if not consciously, then by their deeds.

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Misnomer Of Extremist Politics - Part One

Run for it Marjory!!! The Extremists are Coming!

We often hear about 'extremism' in society. The word usually stems from the mouths of mainstream political parties and the mainstream media when they discuss anything which is not suitable to themselves and their own 'middle ground' positions.

Thanks to the proliferation of its use in modern British discourse, I am sure the general public will have a clear vision in their minds as to what such extremism might entail.

That vision is most likely going to include 'English Defence Leagues', Islamic 'Hate' Groups, and of course British National Party members, leaders and supporters.

With this in mind, I thought we could take a quick look at what may be deemed as being 'extremist' politics, ask whether it is a justified label for 'nationalists' and pose the question of whether extremist regimes are actually already carrying out their extreme ideas right under our noses.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Will Multiculturalism End Europe? - By Patrick J. Buchanan

Will Multiculturalism End Europe?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Multiculturalism has "totally failed," says German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"State multiculturalism has had disastrous results," says Britain's David Cameron.

Is multiculturalism a failure in France? "My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure," says President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Ex-Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar has declared multiculturalism a failure in Spain, saying it divides and debilitates Western societies.

Only in Canada and the U.S., it seems, is the issue still in dispute.

Yet these European leaders are not leading anyone. They are far behind the people, and their belated appreciation of the idea of national identity is but a product of political panic. 

A relatively recent joust


I have not published much on the blog site lately. 

This is partially because I have been busily writing in the 'draft' facility over the last few days, with something pertaining to my 'outsiders' view to the recent problems in the British National Party and the general difficulties we face as a wider movement. 

However, I have not yet decided whether to publish that material or not. 

In the meantime, I thought I would share a relatively recent joust which (at the time) I needed to get off my chest. 

An opponent came along for a bit of a challenge (on another site), and I could not resist having a go at re-sharpening some of my focus and getting back into a bit of dialogue with somebody who was diametrically opposed to most of our views. 

Seeing as I had not had such a joust in quite a long time, I admit that in some places I went over the top and wrote a bit too much - especially in comparison to their come-backs. Yet, I always did find it easy to get carried away. 

The issue was to do with the general 'far right', but in this instance it was more specific to the English Defence League - but for them, the challenger, I doubt they really knew what the differences were between the EDL and the British Nationalists anyway. 

I apologise in advance for such a long read, I know I write too much and it is a curse I have to bear. I hope people can find the patience. 

I repost it here for the reason of both updating the blog site with some material (unashamedly!) and to stop it from going down the plug hole - just in case anyone agrees with my views or has something to add or advise to make it more accurate.

I will start off with the opponents reply that led me to join in, and go from there, including the responses I received along the way.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Arthur Kemp's speech, from Barnsley

Due to problems with BT and their 50 year old telephone cables, I haven't been 'on line' for while at home, so I thought I had better write a little something for the blog to let my humble numbers of readers know that I am actually still alive, that I haven't quite packed it all in just yet, nor slit my wrists in despair at the looming disaster we have been presented with.

I have now got some catching up to do, but by having a quick scout around the usual haunts, it is good to come back to some fundamental stuff upon my return, things which transcend daily or current hot topic issues. One of which is this short little speech by Arthur Kemp, doing what he does best.

The issue he speaks of in the video is one which spans for all time, so in my mind it is right to suggest that it takes priority over all the other chip wrapping issues which the media throw at us day after day. 

Arthur, as is usual for him, gives an audience rousing speech here in this video clip which really 'cuts to the chase' on what is perhaps the most controversial of topics - and the thing which makes the British Nationalist so vilified for having a stance upon - race, ethnicity, and our survival as a people. 

I must say that I personally wouldn't have felt the need for courting cheap laughs at bacon butties etc though, because in my opinion doing such things will only serve to coarsen the issue and bring it down to a lowest common denominator, picked up rote fashion by those unable to deeply defend themselves like Arthur could, which can then be readily mocked by detractors. (ie, I think bacon butties and pigs heads on mosque sites is not really the arguments or discussion level with which I think we can win over the support base we need, besides, like it or not, the "Muslims" are only one issue we are dealing with when it comes to demographic displacement as a whole). 

On that score, when it comes to televised events, we could really do with fusing Arthur's passion and ideological grounding with the interview style/capacity of Jared Taylor and FN speaker Bruno Gaunish (who delivered a professional discussion on the Russia Today news channel the other month). 

However, Arthur makes the point of the 'double standard' very well by including reference to these things and making it so jovial. It is a crowd pleaser, and we certainly need to please a few crowds. After all, the situation is absurd when presented in this way. 

Whenever I get despondent or doubtful, I should remember to view a few of Arthur's video's and remind myself that there is an issue to be had here - and that what is being done to us on a racial basis is an utter disgrace and a tragedy of the highest magnitude. This video rams it home.

The problem for us though, it seems, is bridging the gap between the sentiment being expressed by Arthur here - and the general public who have had all sense and proportionality knocked out of them on these issues, and figuring out how to best fuse this most fundamental principle with that of bi-weekly refuse collections, planning permissions for a new wind farm, school bus routes, or whatever else occupies the minds of the voting public at local and regional election times.

I am not saying peoples concerns on those little things arent valid, and I would hope that they do get addressed to their satisfaction, but there are much bigger fish to by frying.

This video is a sentiment expressed for the whole nation, as a whole, for a future direction upon which we have to decide right now, never-mind in 15 to 20 years time when it is absolutely far too late. 

Elections however, like the ones in Barking, Oldham, and soon to be Yorkshire, do not seem to reflect or pivot around such noble and principled subjects - and it seems to me like the public are so devoid of hearing these kinds of grand concepts now (via endlessly faffing around at minutiae for the short termism outlook of self interest) that it seems "out of place" in their thought-space, shocking even. 

Yes, to the untrained ear, I concede that it could be shocking - but once aware of the true gravity of the situation we are in, it is hoped that people will at least learn to understand why we say and do the controversial things we do, rather than get a false impression of what our argument is based upon.

I wish I knew how to bridge these gaps, and finally escape from the pantomime in which we are enveloped by the media and detractors. Andrew Neil interviewing Simon Darby the other week is a case in point. It is a complete circus act when you step back and look at it. All we can do is keep trying to state our case - and hope some of it seeps through the self imposed filters which are placed over the public arena. 

Whilst it may no longer be possible to achieve what Arthur (and myself, as it happens) would like to achieve in the long term, unless such an "Arthur Kemp" counterbalance of position is there, the tipping scales would be even more heavily swinging against our survival - and we would not see even a remote balance being worked towards.

I am glad we have Arthur on board, because I know that I can trust this man to keep the underpinning  ideological rudder on the right path - unlike some of the others who tend to come and go (some of whom have left, eg 'the human tomato' from Stoke) who are the type of people I fear would not be up to the ideological and principled bench mark to hold onto these positions so true and steadfast.

My little filler piece has ended up being longer than expected, but never mind. I shall now attempt to catch up with what's been happening (away from the mainstream media world) this week.

Ps. One extra thing I noticed in the little video clip above, was how the party 'style' and presentation has greatly improved in the last few years. There seems to have been a gradual improvement, perhaps due to the employment of expensive looking backdrops and well designed graphics, which is making us look less like back-room bar brawlers getting on our soap boxes - and more like a political force with something important to say. I know image is a poor second place to substance, but it is a welcome thing to have a more professional looking set up, for I think that it helps inspire some confidence in both members and non-members alike.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

UAF & West Yorkshire Police Should Apologise

UAF & West Yorkshire Police Should Apologise to the British National Party

I know that should not hold my breath, but the thoroughly disgusting "Unite Against Fascism" group and the wholly 'politically correct' subverted Yorkshire Police "service" should issue an apology to the British National Party this week.

The reason I think they should be publicly apologising is for their role played in effectively putting the lives of hundreds of indigenous British children through hell, and for their role of endangering their lives, making them psychologically damaged, wrecking families, colluding with media cover ups, perversion of the electoral process, libel and slander to name just a few things. 

For a long time now, it has been local knowledge in many parts of Britain that there has been grooming of White girls by predatory Pakistani/Asian males, almost exclusively Muslims. In parts of the country where the Muslim/Pakistani population is not significantly large, it can be found amongst the Black population (eg Somalian) and those originally of other various countries beyond Europe. 

It seems the issue of race has finally made it into the national newspapers in an honest and forthright fashion

Top detective says Asian sex gangs are pimping white girls... but police and social services keep quiet for fear of being branded racist

Police and social services were today accused of fuelling a culture of silence which has allowed hundreds of young white girls to be exploited by Asian men for sex.

New figures suggest that an alarmingly high proportion of prosecutions for on-street grooming of girls aged between 11 and 16 have involved men of Pakistani heritage.

Experts claim the statistics represent a mere fraction of a 'tidal wave' of offending in counties across the Midlands and the north of England which has been going on for more than a decade.

A senior officer at West Mercia police has called for an end to the 'damaging taboo' connecting on-street grooming with race.
Chief Inspector Alan Edwards said: 'No one wants to stand up and say that Pakistani guys in some parts of the country are recruiting young white girls and passing them around their relatives for sex, but we need to stop being worried about the racial complication.'

In a briefing paper, researchers at University College London's Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science concurred that victims were typically white girls while 'most central offenders are Pakistani.'

The report concluded that 'race is a delicate issue' that should be 'handled sensitively but not brushed under the carpet.'

Charities and agencies working in conjunction with the police to help victims of sexual abuse in such cases have publicly denied there is a link between ethnicity and the on-street grooming of young girls by gangs and pimps.

But in 17 court cases since 1997 where groups of men were prosecuted, 53 of the 56 people found guilty were Asian, 50 of them Muslim, while just three were white


This grooming phenomena has been going on for much more than a decade, for I remember a handful of girls in my year group at high school being picked up outside the rear school gates and driven off to be "shown a good time" by older Asian youths in their cars. This was at least 17 or 18 years ago and well before I could even understand what might be happening to them, and long before I was a nationalist.

However, the thing that really broke the ice - despite years of suspicion and insight by local BNP activists across Lancashire and Yorkshire - was the 2004 documentary which was going to be aired on Channel 4 called "Edge Of The City". 

As part of this programme, which covered a range of issues about life in and around the Bradford/Keighley area, there was going to be a segment about Asian youths sexually grooming very young white teenage girls and the social services departments having to try and deal with the aftermath of such abuse. 

Naturally, the controversy blew up in the media before the programme could even be aired.

Whilst it is true that Labour MP Anne Cryer had stuck her neck out before, making a public statement on how the issue (predominantly Asian males and one hundred percent young White females) was a reality which had to be tackled, she seemed to only do so again when the election was on the horizon and it became known that the British National Party was going to campaign on the issue locally.

Of course, the UAF, Stop the BNP, Searchlight and a whole raft of "anti racist" organisations were over it like a rash - talking about race hate, lies, 'islamophobia', the BNP being allowed to "whip up" racial tensions which were already tender after the 2001 riots. 

Chief Constable Colin Cramphorn, who I can only see as a disgrace to the police uniform in what is said to be one of the most politically correct indoctrinated forces in the country, took it upon himself to not only censure the broadcast, but also interfere in the democratic process!

Due to the original timing of the broadcast being close to the European and local elections, where there were around 10 nationalist candidates standing for election in the region, it was feared that showing the documentary (especially when coupled with a British National Party election broadcast on the subject) would increase tensions and give electoral gains to the "far right". 

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said

"...there was never an issue of censorship. West Yorkshire Police had concerns regarding the timing of the broadcast in relation to a number of factors, including the European and local elections. We never had any intention of preventing it from being shown at some stage." (

Seeing as the broadcast was deemed "acceptable" to go ahead after the elections, it becomes quite apparent that the Police used their pressure to ensure that the political process was undermined. This is the so called "impartial" police service, public servants to we, the people. 

This measure was effectively taken in league with the pressure groups, such as Unite Against Fascism who had warned of violence on the streets and mass civil unrest sparking another massive 'race riot'.

On announcement that the police had pressured Channel 4 to postpone the broadcast:

Sabby Dhalu, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said:
"It is particularly dangerous to show this programme before the elections, so we welcome Channel 4's decision. But it is likely to whip up racism whenever it is shown and the BNP will seek to capitalise on it."

The pressure group Unite Against Fascism has expressed fears that the allegations could serve as a recruitment video for the extreme Right. The BNP's website has been urging supporters to watch the programme, describing it as "the first of two BNP political broadcasts".

Channel 4 said the party's attempt to capitalise on the documentary had not influenced its decision, dismissing it as a "pathetic attempt to jump on the bandwagon of a serious documentary".

Of course, to UAF and Channel 4, it is wholly unreasonable of the British National Party to crow about what they have suspected for years being finally given some credence in the mainstream media, and utterly alien of us to actually care about the exploitation of our indigenous young children at the hands of imported third world degenerate scum.  

Obviously, in their eyes, we are "jumping on the band waggon" and using any old excuse to go out there in our doctor marten shoes, drainpipe jeans and give those good old "paki's" a good hiding for "something to do" because we "hate" people who "look different" to us. *sigh*.

However, if all that was not enough, the suppression of the issue continued. 

West Yorkshire police is said to have used a 'Section 60' to close off the whole town of Keighley to prevent a massive Nationalist demonstration against the Asian sex grooming, which might have been initiated and attended by many groups including the National Front, British National Party supporters, and the Keighley group 'Mothers Against Paedophiles'. 

During the furore, it was also revealed that the wilfully blind (or utterly incompetent) West Yorkshire Police had already dropped the whole investigative team responsible for investigating this phenomena because they had found "no evidence" of it even taking place.

In a joint statement, West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Council said they had spent the past two years investigating the allegations, but had found "no evidence of systematic exploitation". (
The attitude against the British National Party, the local people in Keighley, etc by the UAF organisation and West Yorkshire Police - along with those "charities and agencies" now working on this issue - have put the lives of thousands of young white girls at risk.  

The charities and agencies have done it by spinning a yarn that it is coming from "all sections of the community" and that it is not "predominant" in any particular group whilst giving a whole raft of "advice" to young people which omits the primary thing to watch out for - them being Pakistani Asian/Non White men!

The Police have done it by not only failing to find any evidence of this grooming being done or being widespread - despite the said social workers for the 'Edge of the City' documentary working on the cases -, but shutting down the unit responsible for investigating it, denying that there is a problem, subverting the democratic process, and not warning that ethnicity is a factor to be watching for if it was being carried out. 

The UAF have done it by claiming it was all "BNP lies" done to "demonise" the Muslim community, bringing their whole circus into town to stamp their clown feet all over the issue whilst again, subverting the democratic process by leafleting and announcing on the airwaves that it is all a myth by the "wicked BNP".

What else does the UAF lie about?  Hopefully it will make people wonder who are really the "good guys" in all of this. Once again, the British National Party is shown to be correct after all - much like on other issues deemed "uncomfortable" and liable to shatter the liberal illusions of a wonderful multiracial society.

Just in case the pages went missing, find the following screen shots here, which were taken three years after the Edge of the City documentary was aired and was still being used in their literature - and for all I know, probably still is.

Shall I wait for an apology to be aired on their website, or issued to the mass media? Probably not. The silence on this whole issue will no doubt be deafening, as usual.