Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Arthur Kemp's speech, from Barnsley

Due to problems with BT and their 50 year old telephone cables, I haven't been 'on line' for while at home, so I thought I had better write a little something for the blog to let my humble numbers of readers know that I am actually still alive, that I haven't quite packed it all in just yet, nor slit my wrists in despair at the looming disaster we have been presented with.

I have now got some catching up to do, but by having a quick scout around the usual haunts, it is good to come back to some fundamental stuff upon my return, things which transcend daily or current hot topic issues. One of which is this short little speech by Arthur Kemp, doing what he does best.

The issue he speaks of in the video is one which spans for all time, so in my mind it is right to suggest that it takes priority over all the other chip wrapping issues which the media throw at us day after day. 

Arthur, as is usual for him, gives an audience rousing speech here in this video clip which really 'cuts to the chase' on what is perhaps the most controversial of topics - and the thing which makes the British Nationalist so vilified for having a stance upon - race, ethnicity, and our survival as a people. 

I must say that I personally wouldn't have felt the need for courting cheap laughs at bacon butties etc though, because in my opinion doing such things will only serve to coarsen the issue and bring it down to a lowest common denominator, picked up rote fashion by those unable to deeply defend themselves like Arthur could, which can then be readily mocked by detractors. (ie, I think bacon butties and pigs heads on mosque sites is not really the arguments or discussion level with which I think we can win over the support base we need, besides, like it or not, the "Muslims" are only one issue we are dealing with when it comes to demographic displacement as a whole). 

On that score, when it comes to televised events, we could really do with fusing Arthur's passion and ideological grounding with the interview style/capacity of Jared Taylor and FN speaker Bruno Gaunish (who delivered a professional discussion on the Russia Today news channel the other month). 

However, Arthur makes the point of the 'double standard' very well by including reference to these things and making it so jovial. It is a crowd pleaser, and we certainly need to please a few crowds. After all, the situation is absurd when presented in this way. 

Whenever I get despondent or doubtful, I should remember to view a few of Arthur's video's and remind myself that there is an issue to be had here - and that what is being done to us on a racial basis is an utter disgrace and a tragedy of the highest magnitude. This video rams it home.

The problem for us though, it seems, is bridging the gap between the sentiment being expressed by Arthur here - and the general public who have had all sense and proportionality knocked out of them on these issues, and figuring out how to best fuse this most fundamental principle with that of bi-weekly refuse collections, planning permissions for a new wind farm, school bus routes, or whatever else occupies the minds of the voting public at local and regional election times.

I am not saying peoples concerns on those little things arent valid, and I would hope that they do get addressed to their satisfaction, but there are much bigger fish to by frying.

This video is a sentiment expressed for the whole nation, as a whole, for a future direction upon which we have to decide right now, never-mind in 15 to 20 years time when it is absolutely far too late. 

Elections however, like the ones in Barking, Oldham, and soon to be Yorkshire, do not seem to reflect or pivot around such noble and principled subjects - and it seems to me like the public are so devoid of hearing these kinds of grand concepts now (via endlessly faffing around at minutiae for the short termism outlook of self interest) that it seems "out of place" in their thought-space, shocking even. 

Yes, to the untrained ear, I concede that it could be shocking - but once aware of the true gravity of the situation we are in, it is hoped that people will at least learn to understand why we say and do the controversial things we do, rather than get a false impression of what our argument is based upon.

I wish I knew how to bridge these gaps, and finally escape from the pantomime in which we are enveloped by the media and detractors. Andrew Neil interviewing Simon Darby the other week is a case in point. It is a complete circus act when you step back and look at it. All we can do is keep trying to state our case - and hope some of it seeps through the self imposed filters which are placed over the public arena. 

Whilst it may no longer be possible to achieve what Arthur (and myself, as it happens) would like to achieve in the long term, unless such an "Arthur Kemp" counterbalance of position is there, the tipping scales would be even more heavily swinging against our survival - and we would not see even a remote balance being worked towards.

I am glad we have Arthur on board, because I know that I can trust this man to keep the underpinning  ideological rudder on the right path - unlike some of the others who tend to come and go (some of whom have left, eg 'the human tomato' from Stoke) who are the type of people I fear would not be up to the ideological and principled bench mark to hold onto these positions so true and steadfast.

My little filler piece has ended up being longer than expected, but never mind. I shall now attempt to catch up with what's been happening (away from the mainstream media world) this week.

Ps. One extra thing I noticed in the little video clip above, was how the party 'style' and presentation has greatly improved in the last few years. There seems to have been a gradual improvement, perhaps due to the employment of expensive looking backdrops and well designed graphics, which is making us look less like back-room bar brawlers getting on our soap boxes - and more like a political force with something important to say. I know image is a poor second place to substance, but it is a welcome thing to have a more professional looking set up, for I think that it helps inspire some confidence in both members and non-members alike.