Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ethnic Cleansing of England and Wales Quickens - 1 in 6 now 'non-white'.

Well, it seems that the ethnocide of the true British people continues apace.  According to this article in the London Evening Standard, the figures are pretty much what we all suspected - but it still never fails to shock me all the same when I read this kind of news in plain black and white, pardon the pun.

Britain's ethnic minority population has risen by nearly 40 per cent in just eight years because of immigration and high birth rates, official figures revealed today. The Office for National Statistics said that 9.1 million people living in England and Wales - equivalent to one in six of the population - were now from a "non-white" background.

The new total, based on statistics compiled in 2009, is 2.5 million higher than the comparable figure of 6.6 million in 2001 and is certain to prompt renewed debate about the impact of Labour's immigration policies.

The biggest increase over the eight-year period, of 553,000 people, is among the "other white" group which includes Europeans, such as Poles, as well as citizens of countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Other groups registering a sharp rise include the Chinese, whose numbers have increased by 8.6 per cent each year, and black Africans, who have recorded a 214,000 increase in population since 2001. The largest ethnic populations, however, are of Indians, who account for more than 1.4 million people living here, and Pakistanis, who represent a further one million residents.

Explaining the increases, the statisticians say that the rise in the Indian population, which is 291,000 up on 2001, is "primarily due" to international migration, while high birth rates are a key factor behind the combined 190,000 growth in the Pakistani or Bangladeshi population.

Despite the overall surge in numbers, a regional split shows that London's ethnic population has remained virtually static at just over 40 per cent even though the capital accounts for 28 per cent of the net inflow of "non-white British" migrants.

The statisticians say this is because the influx is outweighed by a net outflow of more than 600,000 ethnic people from London to other parts of the country.
Well. For once, I do not really have anything to say. I am lost for words. What the hell have they unleashed onto us? This situation is so horrific to me that I often wish I could wake up from this nightmare. The speed of this annihilation can only quicken again now that this "jump" has occurred. These are just the ones they know about too.....and more arrive every single day of the week.

I do not know what to suggest in order to deal with this situation, but something tells me that campaigning about "culture" is just not going to cut the mustard in time, even if it ever was viable. The choice is coming between all or nothing. Not a good choice.