Saturday, 2 July 2011

Divided We Stand - Divided We Fall. The Demographic of Nations.



Well, it is fair to say that I have been neglecting the blog site lately. I have had so much to say, but at the same time, given the sheer weight of such complex scenario's and issues going on, so little enthusiasm to write anything at all.

Amongst other things which are more obvious, I had planned to write about the greater need for national and racial identity amongst our populace, the 'race-realism' issues that we need to be endorsing, about the chaos going on in the British National Party, about the behaviour and ill discipline of nationalists in general and about results of political test score charts. 

I had planned to write about some very nasty beatings and crimes occurring my neck of the woods at the hands of our ethnic friends (involving sledge hammers and knee-caps for example), about how times have changed, about our family's recent deep discussion of our mid-to-long term plans preparing for "white flight" away from our much loved family home, our town and the wider immediate area in which I have lived all my life.

Despite the rest of the town increasingly turning into an alienating place to live, it breaks my heart to contemplate having to leave such a intrinsic part of my life and identity behind. I really am resentful of this situation, for amongst other things, as a child I had hoped to live here for the rest of my life.

I had also planned to write about current news affairs in the last few weeks too, which prove that Nationalism and Nationalists are right once the issues and articles are coming out thick and fast every single day. As are the revelations of absurdities and complete "failures" of the 'movers and shakers' to remedy our situations. 

(I put the inverted commas on "failures" because I do not believe any more that they ever were real and genuine failures).

I have planned all manners of things for articles actually..... but when it came down to it, I just haven't felt up to throwing them together just lately. I do hope to write about all of the above soon. I think I needed to (and still need) some more time to sit and stew over them.

In the meantime, something did catch my eye this week. It is something we all know is happening, but it was the quick succession of separate revelations on the same theme that reinforced my idea to put them together in one place. 

That issue, yet again, is demographics of nation states. 

More precisely, my thoughts regard the plight of historically white nations and how we as a racial group are suffering a death by a thousand cuts because we are so disjointed from one another as a global grouping - never mind within our own individual nations.

Although things have changed in recent years - especially with renewed interest due to the freedom of the internet - there is still a collective blindness to what is taking place as a whole and what the outcome is already destined to be. 

Through the advent of the internet, we have been able to seek out like-minded individuals and realise that our own inner thoughts and emotions are shared by a considerable amount of people. 

This is especially true in terms of being able to be anonymous. We can reveal things and discuss things on line which we feel we can never say at work, with family, friends - because there is an unwritten "social contract" out there that enforces that such matters are left at the door in favour of trivia and "having a good time" to block such matters out. 

Naturally in this kind of climate, some have to hide their views, hide their affiliations - in case they are demonised, beaten up or stabbed, threatened, risking the ability to stay a part of extended family life, risk losing their job etc.

So much for living in a free and democratic society with freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of beliefs.