Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A response to some 'ideological reformists'. Part One.

There has been a spate of article and comments on a well known nationalist blog site which I feel I need to respond to properly, and which cannot realistically be done via the comment sections. I will therefore try and explain myself here instead and perhaps drop a few links around in the comment sections so that anybody who is interested enough to wade through my mind on these subjects can do so. 

Dealing with the most recent one first, it was orientated around how we should "slay our sacred cows" and ditch various principles and policies in order to win support from the "mainstream". Once again, it smacked of an ideological reformation platform and once again I found the premise of it to be rather half baked. 

Perhaps I misunderstand what was trying to be conveyed, and if so, I shall try and be gracious enough to say I was wrong.

It listed a batch of so called 'sacred cows' - I do not quite know where the sacred cows were plucked from - and then proceeded to suggest that we should drop them in preference for a new 'electable' few. 

As such, I cannot really agree with the premise of their article although I do understand that we need to drive the right focus forward and prioritise.  Perhaps it is the lack of distinction between what we are officially pushing and what unofficially tends to be said at times that causes my concern.