Saturday, 27 August 2011

British Nationalism - Part One -

(The introduction to this article can be found here )

There is an old saying in this country that goes "when you are in a hole, stop digging". Another old saying is "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". Add these to a common quotation of 'madness being the act of repeatedly doing the same things and expecting different results' and we have a basis for an article concerning multi-racialism, multiculturalism, race realism and white identity rights.

From our nationalistic perspective the nation is in a hole and we need to stop digging, the country was not broken (and it did not need 'fixing') and we are all living the definition of madness which is being inflicted upon us by the globalists, multiculturalists, liberals, or whatever other description people may want to attribute to them.

The latter group in particular show no signs of ceasing to dig our graves, show no sign of stopping the attempts to fix their self inflicted problems and continue to show all the signs of madness by trying to frame the situation in the same disastrous way using the same disastrous languages and prescribing the same disastrous measures in the hope that it will yield different results. 

Rather than assess the things they believe in and question themselves why it does not work, they would rather dig deeper, try and fix things by pushing them even further (via more liberalism) and thus persist in what is clearly a crazy situation. "It is not working" they muse, so in their view it must mean they have not yet gone far enough with their attempts.

Introduction to a new series of articles

Although I have been quiet on the blogging side of things lately, I am planning to write a new series of articles pertinent to British Nationalism. Although I have not yet formulated a distinct structure when it comes to how they might progress, I have sought to make start. The first one will follow shortly.

They are planned to be easy reading from a general standpoint and not too steeped in deeper conjecture. The topics might cover such things as how our current society was conceived, what seems to have happened, where we now are etc as part of a general discussion of contemporary Britain (and nationalism) as seen from the viewpoint of a British Nationalist like myself.

Hopefully, they might be something which others can later refine or something which might provide people with arguments that they might find useful. I will leave that for others to decide.

I will state from the outset though, that along the way the material used in this series - should I continue it - may indeed include points, paragraph segments and positions which I have acquired from others, both from Britain, Europe and the United States. Therefore, I feel I cannot (and should not) take credit for everything written here for these articles.

Influences may include people such as Jared Taylor, George McDaniel, Tom Sunic, Alex Kurtagic, Lawrence Auster, Fjordman, and so on and so forth via articles and books I have picked up along the way. I shall also endeavour to include a few links from time to time to help make a point or provide examples.

So, without further ado - I will get started!.