Monday, 12 December 2011

Some Refutations........

I suppose I have again been neglecting the blogsite lately, but that is not to say I haven't been busy or not writing anything. Besides, I think would rather write something for this site when I feel I have something in particular to say, rather than just produce random output for the sake of keeping it topped up.

Anyway, back to business.....

After quite a leave of absence when it comes to facing down what people these days seem to call "libtards", I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and try and 're-cut my teeth' on providing some come-backs to some of the points and positions they make. 

The primary objective of this, from my point of view, was to throw things out there and see what came back. 

If I ended up being "beaten" and shown to be a complete fool, then I thought I would either have to "take it on the chin" and accept it, change my ways - or try other angles and use the experience to hone some further skills on how to plug up the holes which they had managed to break through.

As it turns out, I did not seem to have much trouble -but that is not to say that the ideas, replies and such I gave out are perfectly correct or should be employed without caution and some basic understanding of the directions I tried to use. 

It reminds me a lot of something which I wanted to get off the ground for the last seven years or so, but never managed to pull it together or find others interested in helping me with the project.....

The focus of the topic that these replies were penned for, stemmed from the Emma West "Tram Lady" issue from earlier this month. Again, just like a spotted several years ago, the opposition groups have a standard set of comebacks, which perhaps only comprise of around ten main focus points. 

For example, slavery, colonisation of America and Australia, doing the jobs we will not do, they pay for our pensions, doctors and nurses we needed, curry and foods, English going to live in Spain,the British Empire 'stealing their wealth', no such thing as English/nation of immigrants/mongrel race etc, how we went to war with Hitler to fight views like ours...... 

That is probably the main set. The others are variations on the same theme or based on egalitarianism and emotional themes of "hurt" and "not judging peoples character by their skin tone" etc.

The idea I had several years ago was to hone a near water-tight refutation of all those standard points, so that they can be used time and time again, instead of wasting so much time reinventing the wheel. 

Even if they could not be honed that well, I hoped that they could at least stall a debate and make our opposition work as hard as we have to work to counter their points.

I am not really one for bothering to engage with this kind of thing any more, but whilst I have been off work on holiday (and off a bit sick, like always happens when I stop working!) I thought I would have a crack at arguing with the opposition. 

They are not perfect replies. Some parts of them are taken from other replies I have seen elsewhere over the years. They are not designed or suitable for "copy and pasting", so watch out for that. 

They are not there to provide "stock" answers. I am providing the following responses for the purposes of providing others with a certain line-of-thought, which they themselves may have either forgotten or not thought about for themselves. 

Use them at your own risk - and use them only if you understand them and can defend them, otherwise you will look pretty silly when you cannot come up with the same standard of reply or continue the type of language being used in them, or cannot back up the thinking behind the points being made.

In an ideal world, I should properly sit down and professionally compile these into a more suitable format (as I had previously intended). But, I think life is too short, especially for me when I am not sure how long I will be bothering to concern myself with Nationalism and the various issues we face. 

I thought you'd better have them now than maybe not at all. I thought they may be better on here, than sat on my computer or sat randomly between another 630 replies on a random website. 

If you want to see the true context of the replies I am responding to, you will find them on the British Resistance website, on the article called "Emma West: Truth or Racial Harassment" - which is currently the highest commented article on the site.

They are in no particular order, and the lengthy 'all encompassing' set of replies to the "sympathiser" were not submitted for publication there, so they are exclusive to being here at the Independent British Nationalist blog. 

Be warned, they are all quite substantial! 

Okay, here it goes: