Friday, 16 March 2012

The new extreme right: A messenger of the future?

This article is copied from what appears to be an anti-nationalist themed website - or at least, a website which as part of its remit discusses various nuances of political developments. 

Whilst a few parts are a little off course, I think that the author is one of the few who actually understands the thrust of what the new nationalist movement is about. 

For that reason, I think it is worthy of being read by nationalists. There is almost a whiff of fear about it, because it recognises that many strategies of combating us are not going to work. 

Some of you may have read it recently via the Amren website, but for those of you who have not (especially those who have an interest in the analysis of nationalism from an opponents perspective) you may find it an interesting (and fairly reassuring) read.

About the site it is taken from: 

"Re-Public is an online journal focusing on innovative developments in contemporary political theory and practice."

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Jonathan Bowden’s “Western Civilization Bites Back”


As a filler piece to a planned series of articles I intend to publish, I would like to share what is in my view an excellent new speech by Jonathan Bowden. 

It is taken from the website of the 'Counter Currents' publishing house.

Jonathan is renowned for being very intellectual - and therefore, as is usual in these kinds of 'new right' surroundings, he tends to operate at a very high level of nationalistic discourse. 

In contrast to some of his more deeper works though, which can occasionally leave some of us a bit lost on the more obscure and classical academic references of history, he delivers a rather lucid and clear speech which I think is very important. It is not all that convoluted, making it a little bit easier for wider circulation.

I had intended to publish it here as an audio file, but seeing as google blogger is pathetic at uploading files I had to abandon that idea. Therefore, you will need to head to the Counter Currents website and the podcast area for this clip, as linked below.