Friday, 6 April 2012

Back to Basics? - Part Five

Back to Basics? - Part Five

If the current system ever collapses, it is no use us scrambling like crazy to carve something out for ourselves - I think that we have to make our alternative seamless and surpass the failed models immediately. No sudden jolts, but a smooth change on the train track to take the carriage of this country to a different destination.

Other groups, ranging from Communists, Anarchists to Islamists, will be wanting to carve their slice, should the worst happen. Ours has to already be established and be the natural benefactor. That means working away at it before something happens, whether it ever actually happens or not.

When it comes to establishing this, what can we do? How can we best attack the system and how can we best frame our arguments and positions?

It is a David and Goliath struggle - but it seems as though we are often just slinging mud and having mud slung back at us rather than devising a slingshot and catapulting ourselves out of our troubles by pinpointing the weak spots of our opponents and proverbially hitting them in the eye. 

I think that this lack of pinpointing goes right through - from political parties to non-political campaigning groups.