Monday, 16 April 2012

Something 'down to Earth' which I think nationalist parties should be talking about

By pure chance, I stumbled over a series of articles in the Daily Mail regarding the sell off of British companies and sectors. They are there to inform and to promote a new book by the author of the articles.

I think they are worth reading because - unless I am going completely bonkers - this is the kind of thing which once used to be nationalist territory and something we used to stand for as part of our whole message and political standpoint. 

I have not seen any mention of these articles on my regular (albeit) small network of Nationalist sites, and I do wonder why not. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mind your language?! - The problem of Nationalist discourse.

Hey, this looks a good book!: "How to Win our Country Back" - By 'Alexandre Dumb-Ass'

Earlier this year I wrote an article about the culture of nationalism and how it is often (unnecessarily) detrimental to advancing our cause. 

I suppose I should re-read the thing to make sure I am not covering the same ground, but I have seen a spate of things both past and present (some very present, hence the article) which provide good examples of what irritates me and goes against what I find to be good discourse and behaviour - if we are to be taken seriously.

This time I will primarily focus on the language and nature of nationalist commentary.

What I will attempt to do is write an article scattered with typical terms and phrases in the hope it will reinforce the point of how it looks and sounds to the outsider, and even to nationalists like myself who wince at the substandard level of debate some people engage in. 

I will even try and write it in the same style, although for me that is going to be quite difficult.

It is getting like a contagious disease where people who catch it forget there is a filter and where the culture and bacteria of it spreads within a closed circuit of nationalist orientated sites. I sometimes wonder if they are even aware of what they are writing and if they could defend it - if what they were saying was ever put under serious scrutiny!

On occasions, the bluster and rhetoric is getting ridiculous and (in my opinion) making us increasingly distant from being able to attract the masses we need and to be able to sell our points and virtues.