Sunday, 29 April 2012

Some Refutations 2

I recently thought I would test the water by throwing my hat into the 'mainstream' newspaper debating ring once again. 

I have not bothered for quite a long time, especially on some particular papers where there is heavy moderation and a near 'mission impossible' situation to ever get it through the moderator filters. (Some have not - as of yet  - made it).

Just for the sake of it, I thought I would share them here in case anybody would ever find them useful or a starting point for their own battles. 

The site had a reply limit of 500 words......which, of course, I struggled to squeeze my replies into! In fact, whilst it only took me 15 to 20 minutes to construct the contents of what I wanted to say as a reply, it then took me about an hour and a quarter to squash them down to the 500 limit!

I deeply suspect that nobody tends to read this site because their jaw drops in fear at the pile of text scrolled before their eyes. (Eg, the recent five-parter has had virtually no views at all - so I might have to re-package it to something smaller).

Anyway, without further waffle, here's how it went so far:
(Some names have been removed to protect the innocent!)