Tuesday, 8 May 2012

After the latest election collapse - A fresh start or reverse gear?

Oi! You!!!, Traitor! Marxist Scum! Genocidist! Zionist! Homo! Paedo!

I am just as disheartened and pessimistic as any other nationalist when it comes to the state of nationalism, the recent election results, the attitudes of the greater public and the ever pressing feat we have to accomplish if things are ever going to even slow down, never mind be reversed.

With this demoralisation we all have, often comes despair. With despair often comes anger and frustration. With anger and frustration often comes a retreat to old ways and old methods. 

Like a designer who has reluctantly been forced to learn how to use a computer to design things (instead of a pad and pencil), when he is placed under pressure, when he is frustrated at a lack of progress because he cannot do it as quickly yet (but in the future would be ten times as productive), when things are going wrong and mistakes are made, the tendency is there to say "balls to this computer stuff!" and start scribbling on the pad of paper again in order to get things moving.

Unfortunately, this fall back to old ways cannot go on forever. Unless new ways are devised, learnt and practised, our competitors will end up working faster, smarter, more efficiently, more cost effectively and our business or organisation gets to the point where it just cannot compete as a going concern and has to close down. 

Nationalism is a company of ideas and standpoints rather than material goods or services. We cannot afford to let our ideas and concepts become bankrupt. We need to improve, expand, take on staff, invest our time and money - but if we keep undercutting ourselves to scrape by and make do and mend, the steeper the curve of losses we will see in the long run. Like the old saying "penny wise, pound foolish".

We were perhaps at the moment of nearly breaking through with the training, but we have since been put under huge pressure internally and externally, and, in the process of things going badly wrong, people are now scrambling to return to the 'old days' and 'old ways' to try and get the job done again.

In nationalism there is no doubt a rather justified attitude just lately that all is lost - so "why care what we say or how we say it?", or a general suggestion of a return to styles and approaches that have historically got us nowhere - such as 'street marches', "extreme right" uniforms and venomous (read: alienating) discourse that is far removed from those we need to win over. 

I agree that we should not - ever - water down too much of what we stand for. I hope this website is a testament to that, as I have tirelessly maintained that we should keep all our targets intact, never wash ourselves away, stand up for our ethnic rights, stand up for our interests and never allow our traditional nationalism to be subverted by self styled 'modernisers' who appeal to 'real politicking'. 

I still believe that. We need to be quite radical, unique, different, rebellious, notable - not follow the rest blindly in the false hope we can be the same as the rest and then sweep to victory. Do we believe in what we stand for or not? If we do, then we need to sell it - not hide from it or help undermine it for short term expediency.

However, what I still differ upon with regard the approach models of some nationalists, is that one does not need to be blunt, or angry, or venomous, crude, confrontational, etc to keep to those principles and values and fight for our causes.

The focus for me is therefore much more upon 'selling it' if we are going to 'keep it true' to course.

How do we do that? That is what I think we have to ask ourselves and try to improve upon.