Thursday, 19 July 2012

Leo Mckinstry - Tories fail to solve immigration crisis that blights Britain

This is a republication of an opinion piece by Leo McKinstry in the Daily Express this week. Some of you will have already seen it, but I am adding it here all the same, because I think it is worthy of being pulled out from the daily "churnalism" and copied elsewhere before it gets washed away with all the rest.

I do not make a habit of republishing articles from newspapers on this site, but in this case I will make an exception. I have always tended to like Leo's opinion pieces on the matters of our national identity and on matters such as the creeping state interference in all our lives, and this one is rather good - and probably as close as you could expect a 'mainstream' newspaper to get away with publishing in these shrieking times we live in. 

Some may well say that it is just another case of media manipulation and that it is all designed this way - but even if all that is the case and it is some kind of safety valve, I still think it is quite good and would have been generally useful for regular Express readers to mull over. 

If it is taken on face value as a genuine and honest piece, I think Leo is quite brave and worthy of some thanks and respect for sticking to his viewpoints and telling it like it is. Although it could always go further, we have to remember that it is a journalist in all the modern trappings of the mainstream media. 

It makes a point, is in the public domain on newspaper stands, and is generally well written. So without further ado, here it is: