Saturday, 12 January 2013

A recent set of arguments I made

The reason for this article is to share a recent comment battle about our plight. Well, I say it was a battle - but I suppose you can only have a real battle when you get properly challenged and engaged by people who can counter-act your points and questions!

In this particular case, none of my questions or points were actually answered. Instead, I received a dialogue back of how they wanted things to be instead - and how generally vile and nasty I am for holding my views and positions. No surprise there, then.

That may well be their view, but why not show me to be wrong and not valid in what I say? It was made out that I was a 'moron' and too stupid to understand complexities, etc. Well if I am a moron and too stupid to understand things, then it should not have been so hard for them to actually answer my questions and discuss the points I was raising, should it?

At one point I was even told to "go jump in a lake" - which has to be the most babyish comment back to me I have ever received on what is supposed to be an articulate and intellectual discussion blog. For I was not arguing on some student room forum or 'cut and thrust' political site.

I guess that some people cannot handle another persons point of view in a rational way, so they reach for the name-calling and stereotypes instead.The usual screams that I was a "Nazi" and part of the "White Supremacist Brigade" were present, plus some other weird opinions and fabrications that are part of a manufactured stereotype image of anybody who is white and racially conscious.

Without rewriting the whole article and the context of it, in a nut shell, it was relating to the racial disparity when it comes to voting in America - and the suggestion that 'whites' may have to start looking out for their own interests too.

(The commentators I challenged did not really address the deeper nature and implications of main article either, they were more interested in sweeping the issue away and talking about how it is not tactical or practical to get into 'all that kind of stuff').

I will copy what I wrote here, and interject the nature of their responses here so as to make sense of my own replies.