Friday, 5 April 2013

Ceremonial Sacrifice
"When are you indigenous people going to have a piece of paper to say you are British, like us?"

It is a bit of a shame about Frank Field and his remarks in the newspapers today, which suggest that the 'white working classes' (and no doubt the rest of the indigenous/white hosting society) should also take up Citizenship Ceremonies in order to re-establish themselves a sense of identity in their own country. 

Perhaps he was being pithy and issuing a 'soundbite' to raise an issue, but perhaps he really meant it. 

I guess that is how bad it is getting. A nation so pumped full of foreigners and different hues, so detached from it's own sense of history and identity, so confused and dazed about what the hell has happened to the place since the second world war, that we need to be told who we are (and who we are supposed to be) in this new nation they still seem to call Britain.

To be fair, it was only a small comment and observation by Frank which seemed to grab the attention of the media. Stories have appeared in the Daily Mail, Birmingham Mail, Independent, Telegraph and elsewhere - all of which seemed to run with this thought.

(This is despite there being a whole conference given to journalists and others on subjects relating to the issues arising from this country which the talking heads and elites have thus far unnaturally manufactured for us).

Still, I am quite disappointed that Frank was entertaining these ideals - and the kinds of organisations who helped organise the event he spoke at.