Monday, 21 April 2014

Nationalism - Too Much Information?

It has been a while since I put an article up, but as I was getting fed up with the last entry being the one that was stuck at the front of the site I thought I should do something about it. It is very stale information and felt I should stick something else there for a change!

I wrote the following for a comment to be posted elsewhere. It is relating to a suggestion that we need to be putting more material out there as part of our propaganda drive - and that putting more material out is more important than some other things, because it helps fuel action and funding.

I have decided to put it here instead because (to be fair to the person suggesting it) I have gone much more "general" in my position than what he or she may have been actually talking about. In addition, it may go some way to explain why I am not doing so much writing these days for the blog here.

Anyway, here it goes. (Sensible comments are of course welcome).

The cynic in me has come to think that, if anything, there is perhaps too much information out there.

So much information in fact, that is becoming a bit of a distraction for us all to be keeping up with all the sites, the news and the issues; and fooling ourselves that by reading and contributing comments to such sites that we are somehow helping to get something done.

All it may get done is to keep our existing movement engaged with each other and to keep an interest up among ourselves by being bedded into this endless loop.

That is important - but I would tend to be cynical at how much of this churn of articles and issues actually gets read outside of our own little world bubble - and when new people do come along to try and learn about what is going on, I often wonder what they think about some sites and some of the rhetoric being used. Is our "shop window" conducive to want people to buy our product? Do they understand what is on sale from these snapshots?

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of blog sites, forums, political party sites, etc pushing out various nationalistic messages across the spectrum between your counter-jihad sites to 'white nationalism' sites to your more hardcore national socialism.

We will never match the machinery and power of the mainstream media, for not only are they better funded and allowed free reign to peddle what they like - they also capture the masses by default whereas we have to try and drive people our way, otherwise they will never even look in our direction.

On that score, it is not so much a lack of propaganda material, but a lack of drawing people in comfortably to view it.

We have many well populated and viewed sites like American Renaissance, Counter Currents, Occidental Observer, Alternative Right, Radix, Taki Magazine, VDare, Western Spring, The New Observer, The British Resistance, Majority Rights, Occidental Quarterly, The Voice of Reason, and according to various tastes, The Daily Stormer, Stormfront, Gates of Vienna, Frontpage and so on.

Then there is the British National Party, the British Democratic Party, the National Front, the Traditional Britain Group, hundreds of personal blogs (with next to no readership participation apparent), facebook groups, as well as archived material like a load of old Spearhead articles from the National Front heydays, many books available to purchase and so on.

When it comes to our situation and our positions, I tend to think that amongst all this lot, everything that needs to be said has already been said. It is all there, somewhere. 

What is the purpose of endlessly regurgitating the same things over and over again, telling ourselves what we already know? I get tired of reading the same rhetoric all the time, laced with all the usual stab words of 'cultural marxist' and 'traitor'. I can't be bothered with it any more, so I would not expect my own readership here to have to suffer the same.

Considering how few of the wider population actually embroil themselves in our sites (compared to the already semi-aware, winnable and converted I mentioned earlier), I do wonder at times what the point is of pumping out all this stuff.

It is perhaps reassuring to be amongst like minded folk and no doubt it is cathartic to blow off some steam by making a sharp comment - and as I say, it does help to keep people 'in the fold' - but perhaps the time needs to come for quality and purpose over that of a mindless churn and what amounts to just one long moan about what is going on and what is being done to us.

We need purpose to the articles, purpose to the sites. We need to shatter the narratives of our opponents, provide people with the right tools to de-construct common arguments made against us. We need informative articles about what we are aiming for, why we are doing it, why people ought to join us and what we are actually doing about it.

Endlessly describing what is being done week in, week out - and thus angrily citing case after case of affronts to our nation (which fills so many sites) is perhaps not such a good use of our time and efforts. It is also hugely demoralising as well as being passive, as we generally wait for the next batch of woe and outrage to hit us for us to then read or write about.

I am alone in this view? Am I just battle worn and cynical? Like many sites like this, is there anybody out there at all?!!

You see, I think it would prove my point that this article is again the fodder for the already converted, that it says little about our situation, that the site is not well read, that volume of material is therefore not that important, that your average citizen is not going to be pouring over it or understanding what it is all about.....

On the other hand - do all the above kinds of sites help push our cause forward? Is the volume and tide of it all part of the push-back? Do we need to write more material, more often, no matter what it is? 

Where does one go from here?