Saturday, 30 August 2014

Grooming: DeJa Vu

Nobody could have missed the massive media coverage this week about the industrial scale abuse of young white girls at the hands of Pakistani paedophiles, which is euphemistically called "grooming". 

In light of this, I thought I would link back to my article from January 2011:

Although it deals with West Yorkshire and not South Yorkshire, I doubt there is going to be all that much difference. 

There are some images attached to that article which are taken from the West Yorkshire UAF website, which may prove interesting and useful to some of you reading this.

My attention has also been drawn to a recent article from the Hope Not Hate website, penned by Nick Lowles, entitled "Which side are we on?" 

This appears to admit that it was known at the time that "grooming" was going on, however, it is not all that clear who he is talking about:

"Whatever one’s theory about what is behind this grooming, it is quite clear that ignoring the problem will only make things worse. We found this out, to our cost, in Bradford and Keighley in 2004, when there was a consensus to dismiss BNP claims of grooming in Keighley as racist propaganda. The BNP won four council seats and just missed out in several more.
Grooming was occurring in Keighley and everyone there knew it. In fact, nine Muslim men were sent to prison and as many as 65 young girls were believed to have been abused."

Is that really an admission that they knew what was going on - but still decided to "dismiss the claims as racist propaganda" anyway?

Who was in this "consensus"? Do they mean groups like theirs, political parties, other 'anti-fascist' organisations like UAF, or do they just mean the liberal-left and media in general?

Do they mean that the people of Bradford and Keighley knew it, but they on the liberal-left "innocently" did not know? Yet if they did not know, then how could they possibly decide whether it was a "racist myth" or the truth?

Were they really just taking the word of West Yorkshire police and Bradford City Council, or was it a collusion, or even a bit deeper than that? How could there have been a genuine investigation into this only for them to have found "no evidence" of such a thing going on?

It seems to me that they were more interested in preventing the BNP gaining ground than discovering the truth or admitting the truth.

Even now, reading the HNH website, they seem to want to stage manage the event and steer it away from real scrutiny by trying to be the good-guys and compassionate about the victims and their families, calling for heads to roll and so on. 

They seem to want to turn attention to the 'failures' of administration rather than the failures of their multiracial / multicultural society itself.

They accuse the "far right" of exploiting the issue and suggest that we do not care that our own racial group (in particular our precious young white females) are being gang raped, sodomised, addicted to drugs, threatened to be set alight, beaten and much more. 

How sick and twisted are they to really believe that we nationalists (who by definition care deeply for our people and our nation) are just using such issues because we "don't like people who are different" (as one of the comments suggests of us on another blog article there at Hope Not Hate). 

It is not us who are seeking to manipulate events. It is them and their desire to limit the damage being done by their multiracial experiments - and to limit the push of the "far right" - who are the only ones who truly oppose their own peoples' abuse and extinction. 

In my opinion they really couldn't give a rats ass about the abused, they just want to make sure that we (the folk who do care) cannot use it to expose the failures of their doctrine and thus gain sympathy and support from it.