Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Saint Camp....?

It never rains but it pours....

There's quite a steady stream of news this week about immigration and asylum, so I thought I would write a little something about it that is bound to get myself labelled as a bigoted, heartless, racist, vile and nasty person.

Yet seeing as I don't particularly care what names I get called - and in fact think it can be half the fun these days to wind up the self appointed self-righteous - I shall carry on somehow from behind the tears that have rolled down my cheeks from all those insults and labels in the past.

In the news lately European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has warned Britain that it cannot (and should not) hinder the free movement of people within the EU (that was just days prior to landing Britain with a £1.7 Billion bill  for being a member of the EU!). 

Then there have then been the discussions about Italy stopping patrolling and rescuing boats of the coast of Lampedusa and what should be done about it.

This is an island that originally hosted a small population of around 6000 Italians - who had re-inhabited the island after it once being left uninhabited due to the locals being snatched and slaved by Barbary pirates (otherwise known as Muslim pirates from Africa and Arab lands).

However, it has seen a population of 56,000 Africans arrive in the year 2011 alone, never mind the further scores of thousands still lingering there from previous years and in recent years. It would seem from the figures that Lampedusa is no longer an Italian populated island and only 'Italian' by geographical legality.

The question being asked is - what should be done to deal with this?

The answer being floated around at the moment (pardon the pun), even at high levels, is to actually start letting these people drown as a deterrent and as a signal that it is not a good idea to set off on these boats in the first place because they are not going to keep getting rescued. Harsh and sad, I know - but perhaps a bit of common sense in my opinion.

Of course, much outcry has occurred. But nothing much is said about the criminal gangs that facilitate this stream of people that are leading many of them to death in the sea and deserts. Nothing much is said about the cruelty and loss of lives that the continued acceptance of this situation brings.

Nothing is said of the debts they owe to the traffickers when they get here, nothing is said of the prostitution, slave labour, squalid living conditions or all manners of things that are wrong with this picture, not to mention that their continual fleeing does nothing to sort out the problems their fellow countrymen and women will continue to suffer.

No. It seems only those who oppose their presence here in Britain and Europe are the evil ones. The ones who keep facilitating it all are beyond all criticism. 

Also in the news has been a visit to Britain by representative from Calais, one Natacha Bouchart, the centre-right UMP mayor.

This is a place where immigrant camps are (once again) overflowing as the occupants take their chances to hide in cars, lorries, caravans, anywhere they can, to make it into Britain. They are getting more out of control and more brazen, even slashing into lorries with knives and trying to storm ferries in great numbers. 

Ministers are apparently a bit taken aback at the suggestion that Britain is being held to blame for this! The nerve of the French telling us that the British magnet of black market working, welfare, lack of deportations and so on is responsible for their situation in France! How very dare they?!

Of course, I am being sarcastic.

{I shall now follow with a sarcastic section}


All this kind of talk is news to me though. Some nasty people have suggested that these immigration camps are like a novel called Camp of the Saints, but the way I have been told to see it is that these people coming are the saints!

As far as I had understood it these people are just selfless souls who simply cannot wait to add to the 'rich mix of diversity' that apparently 'makes this country so great'. 

So generous are they that they risk their lives to get here just so that they can grace us with their magical presence. Otherwise, as various MPs such as Ken Clarke have stated over the years, we would simply be lost as a nation - and entirely unable to cope or prosper financially.

Their generosity to help us out has no limits apparently, well, no "upper limits" if one is to paraphrase David Blunkett, who now seems to be changing his tune now it is causing problems in his own neck of the woods (and when it is Pakistanis complaining about Roma).

They are just falling over themselves to get here and help us white people fix our civilisation problems.

They have been said to have been the elixir of this nation - and allegedly always have been throughout our historical ages...whether they be 'black Romans' or random nomadic Islamic tribesmen or Arabic sailors in our ports.

In fact, I had heard that they'd built this nation - but that they simply did not get the recognition for it because of the racist attitudes of those 'previous waves' of white skinned migrants that 'just happened' to 'migrate' here both before and after the thawing of the last Ice Age. 

This group has been rather idiotically called the indigenous peoples of Britain by all sorts of vile people - but as everybody born since 1955 knows, there are no such things in Europe. Only non white people can be indigenous to somewhere.

As it has always been like this, with this constant ebb and flow, it would clearly therefore be ridiculous to suggest it ought to be stopped, which of course nasty people have repeatedly tended to suggest throughout the years.

Good job they were never listed to by their representatives in democracy or from the wider government isn't it?!

Don't they realise the wonders it brings? They really need to be shown and educated on how nice these people are and what they have had to suffer in order to help us out, then they would change their prejudiced minds.

Yet despite how nasty, racist and xenophobic all the citizens are here, these 'economic migrants' can still find it in their hearts to forgive us. It really is amazing. See! The settlements in Calais really ARE the camps of the saints!

They know that the label 'economic migration' (when applied to them) actually means the boost they can give to our GDP per capita and GDP per head - so hundreds of thousands of them are out there in Calais and Italy desperately wanting to enrich our world to bring that much needed vibrancy and talent that we are clearly so sorely lacking!

So much do we need them that Labour sent out search parties and spent money on recruitment drives abroad!

So the least we can do is fish these people out of the ramshackle boats they have volunteered (and paid criminals) to get into and duly welcome them with open arms as they bluster through Calais and other ports of entry...Come one, come all! 

The good news is that there are going to potentially be around 4 Billion third worlder's just itching with good will to get into the Europe by the end of the century!

Surely by then we will have excelled beyond our wildest dreams and really reached up to the stars! Can you imagine the wonders it will bring? That untapped talent we will gain? What things will be like?

Exciting times are ahead!


But this albeit far fetched attitude is what seems to underpin liberal attitudes.

Politicians certainly can't seem to speak of immigration without falling over themselves to say how wonderful it has generally been and how marvellous our country has become because of it, how we cannot manage without it, that our finances would collapse without it.....but that we just need to tinker there and there with the welfare and the rules in order to calm down objections from people who are just not feeling the love yet.

According to Yasmin Alibhai Brown today on Radio 2, to not rescue these people, to turn away economic migrants and asylum seekers (and so on) is an act of genocide.

Yes, you heard that right -  to flood this country with an endless supply of desperate Africans and others (which will ultimately entirely replace the hosting population) is NOT genocide...but turning them away IS an act of genocide!

(You can find the interview here for the next four weeks .

Furthermore, she goes on to say that we ought to remember what David Cameron said on some foreign visit or other - which is that if it was not for imperialism and the west, there would not be all of these desperate people and nor would there have been the climate change deemed responsible for much of the world's ills.

You see, for Yasmin, the world's problems are all the fault of white people anyway (which she just widely labels 'the west'), so in her view we'd better just suck it up and do away with ourselves as fast as we possibly can, as it is the least we can do!

What is also astonishing is her blaming 'The West' for international banking...ignoring the fact that it was the Rothschild family of Jews who, during and after the battle of Waterloo, established international finance by the father sending his many sons to become influential in finance in many different European cities, where they proceeded to get very rich indeed by manipulating stock and getting the news to each other before the press and politicians of the day could!

However, I doubt she would really care about that - and the host, one Vanessa Feltz, is not likely to interrupt either - particularly as she would have had to tear herself away from feeling sorrow and sadness at the plight of these people risking their lives to get here and generally questioning of how it differs so much from the Jewish refugees that we once gave shelter to.

Who was on the show to give the counter opinion? Who was interviewed or in the studio to argue our case or the case against allowing emotion to come before logic?

Well, that would be a big fat NOBODY as usual. Once again, the unbiased BBC coming up trumps in their balance and impartiality. (Not that the listeners would ever twig on to this kind of chicanery going on, particularly the emotional fools phoning in outraged about the very idea of not rescuing and taking these people in).

Once again, the liberals manage to turn an act of ultimate evil and chaos into an act of virtue where they can play the good guys, the saviours of the world, the purveyors of humanity and all that is goodness. They think of themselves as the saints who are helping the other future saints in their camps.

They do not ever take their actions to the *ultimate* conclusions, but instead choose to lecture people on how barbaric they are for not helping all these poor and desperate people 'right now'. 

It is not hard to do that though, is it? Nobody disagrees that they are sad cases, desperate, have no prospects and all the rest of it......but this is the only argument they can make, because it is emotional over that of being logical.

They don't care for what the ultimate effect their bleeding hearts will have. They are like drug addicts seeking the 'hit' or 'high' of being morally superior to others. But just like other drug addicts, it leads to a sorry state in the end. Only this time is it not their own lives and community they are wrecking - but a whole nation.